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WELCOME TO FRANKLINSWRITINGCORNER.COM!  Thank you for stopping by and I hope that you get an opportunity to explore my blog site and find something you like of interest.  I came into blogging a few years ago, which was inspired by my wife, labellanoire, who had a blog of her own sometime ago.  She inspired me to share my story ideas with the rest of the world and see how it works for me.  I have to say I love it and I plan on keeping and staying on this track for years to come.  In 2012, in the Washington Post magazine, I had a fictional story called the “Red Barn” printed along with an article about me.  I have to say this was exciting and gave me the motivation knowing that I have what it takes to get noticed, and that I have the skill and creativity to draw in my readers and fans alike.  With that published article in the Washington Post magazine on my mind when I write, I also use real life events to inspire my writing to keep readers interested and to hopefully be a loyal fan!  I look forward to seeing and hearing from you as time goes on with my fiction and non-fiction stories, and giving you the opportunity to learn more about me so I can learn more about you!  The reader!


D. Franklin


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This past weekend, from Saturday morning to Monday afternoon, my wife and I took a trip to my old neighborhood, Largo, Maryland, and spent time with my mother and baby sister.  It had been quite sometime since we have both seen them, and it was a very nice weekend full of relaxation and catching up on things that we were not aware of.  We were not able to see and spend time with my father as he was in Georgia on a job related function, for a company that let him go, but now has him working part-time doing what he did once before.  I don’t completely understand how that works, but basically the guy that took my dad’s job after he left, doesn’t know what he is doing apparently and now needs my father back with the company to assist him.  The entire company is another conversation entirely so I will leave it at that for now.

The arrangement my wife and I had, a while back, was to alternate holidays with her family and my family every other year.  That plan and agenda has been completely blown out of the water, and our plan to come back to Maryland for a certain holiday is either spiked with one of us working or bad weather making the trip too dangerous and risky.  This past Christmas was supposed to be our time to go down to Maryland and spend time with my side of the family, but once again work got in the way, but this time it was my wife’s job that hindered that process.  While down there this past weekend, however, we are glad we didn’t make the trip down for Christmas from the statements that were made to us about some family members.  Even though our Christmas Day dinner up here in Albany, New York was nice and quite and very easy, it was practically mayhem in certain ways hearing from witnesses.

It is a tradition for my mother and one or two other family members, such as my sisters, to make Christmas Day dinner on Christmas Eve.  The following day one family member arrived at the house, earlier than expected, and brought a dish full of greens and hamhocks.  Well, obviously my mother was quite surprised to receive this dish from this particular family member, who normally does a dessert dish.  I have to say that this particular family member needs to stick with making dessert dishes and stop trying to experiment and expand her cooking horizon.  I am no gourmet chef or trying to be one, but you don’t make greens with hamhocks, put them in a plastic container, freeze them in said container and then bring them over to a traditional dinner that all are looking forward too having and to socialize.  What kind of knucklehead puts frozen dishes or dish in a plastic container, freezes it and then expect to serve that type of dish at a family function.  Yeah, people were really excited to take a spoon, dip into your watery, frozen, greasy, mushy dish instead of eating fresh, steamed kale with no added seasoning.

My mother had to remake the kale over and over again, because people were quite sure they didn’t want a taste of a killed dish, with a side of plastic shards penetrating your oral cavity and causing you to taste iron from your own blood.  This is the same particular family member that called herself trying to help my wife and I out years ago when we were looking for a new vehicle.  Apparently, that didn’t go so well for this particular family member when she got cussed out by my wife for her pretentious and phony ways.  It has been a good four to five years since both of us has even really spoken a word to this particular family member.  Sure, we saw her a few years ago at my mother’s Christmas Day party, but no words were exchanged.  How can I look at this particular person in the face and have a conversation when this particular family member basically stole my identity, opened up an account in my name and had to have my father in on it to sign my name.  Let me tell you something, it was like trying to walk on ice with inline blades in trying to get that money out of the account.  It was opened up the time I was in Afghanistan and the bank swore I knew about it.

So this particular family member can’t be trusted as like a tree growing legs and leaving the forest.  This wasn’t the only person that we spoke of, but it was amongst the many things that were discussed.  I did, however, see my niece and nephew, along with their mother and father, and had fun with them as well.  Explaining the details of my new job and the culture in the Northeast, got all of them thinking of moving up! LOL!  I wouldn’t mind at all, but certain people may try to block that and denounce the move.  WHATEVER!! My mother and two of my three sisters don’t give a damn what certain people say, which is where I get it from.  During this weekend visit our dog-son, Romeo, met his dog-cousin, Cali, for the first time.  The encounter was rough at first, but by the end of the weekend they were able to be around each other without kissing teeth.  I also got to see my little sister’s drawings for class and personal reasons.  I am very proud of her and glad I can be a role model for her to follow.  Don’t be surprised if you start seeing some of her work on here, as we are in discussions of teaming up in the near future.  She followed my footsteps in the art and military industry, but now we get to be together in something.

I love writing and she loves drawing!  I think this team can work in the long haul!  Although questions did rise out of my wife’s brain about certain things, the trip was worth mileage and time!  See you next time Maryland!

Henry Scott

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If you haven’t kept up with the recent news, or within the past one or two years, Boston has won the bid to represent the United States in the 2024 Summer Olympic Games bid against other cities around the world.  Los Angeles, San Francisco and my hometown, Washington, D.C. were denied the chance to win such bid.  Although I am from the D.C. area, and now living in upstate New York, I am not surprised that D.C. didn’t win the bid to represent the United States in the final bid round that will be announced in 2017.  Hours after hearing that Boston won the bid to go to the final round to host the 2024 Summer Games, I wanted to read about the plans that D.C. put out to the public about how they would represent the games for the 17 days.

In reading the article, one thing struck me like a baseball bat knocking me upside the head.  In their proposed plans to host the 2024 Summer Games, one thing that was written in the article, that I still can’t wrap my head around, is that the Olympic Park, where all the athletes would live during the games, would be built on a current site of a methadone clinic and a decaying homeless shelter.  Okay, well, the article said nothing about after or before knocking down this clinic and displacing the displaced people, that a new homeless shelter and methadone clinic would be built elsewhere.  I know I could probably search other D.C. local newspapers to find more of a detailed plan on what they would do with the homeless shelter recipients and drug addicts, but if I am reading this on a web page that speaks about the Olympic Game plans, then I shouldn’t have to go elsewhere to find that information.  All that should be detailed out in the plan as it was written in the article, but it wasn’t.  If I was on the USOC deciding to give a bid to one of our major cities, this alone would be a troublesome development.

Now they could have easily put the replacement shelter and new methadone clinic in the plans, and even written on tree flats (paper), but that didn’t transport over on this article.  What the hell happened?  Did they just forget about this people and didn’t even care about what happens to them in the midst of their plans?  My wife and I were just floored about this and really concerned about releasing drug addicts and displacing the homeless people out in the streets of D.C. with no other place to go.  Another joke was that D.C. budgeted about five billion dollars for the infrastructures to accommodate such games.  I don’t know who they thought they were fooling, except themselves, but we are talking about a major city, our nation’s capital, who struggle to handle thousands and millions of people on a daily basis during regular work days.  How in the hell will the city and area around the city can handle thousands and millions more for 17 days, including the Paralympics that always soon follow.  We are also talking about an area that struggles to hold the power grid together and having power outages every time a major storm comes through.

We are talking about a city, and area, that takes years to plan a new metro subway line, which encompasses several town hall debates, and always over budget before halfway through a project.  Then when the budget becomes an issue, contractors pull out, new licensing is needed, new permits are needed, local and county governments, who proposed to help fund the metro line project, have now complained about too much money needed to fund the project and pull out at the last minute.  It appears it takes ten to fifteen years to finalize a new metro project, then more problems arise with someone being caught in a scandal, trying to cheat system and then we find out later that the project is being built on private land.  Then we have geological survey issues and the person or company that owns the property want to sue D.C. Metro for using the land without financial compensation.  Then we have another delay in the project that takes months to get through, with legal fees and permit issues, causing the budget once again to go over!

With just that issued being talked about, D.C. wants to host the 2024 Summer Olympics and make it a the best ever?  Then you want to try to keep the games within the metro area that is already over crowded and jammed packed.  We can’t get our federal government to work properly, D.C. government can’t run efficiently and the infrastructure struggles to keep up on normal days, how in the hell can we host the games?  Then you don’t talk about replacing the homeless and drug addicts!  Let them run the streets and then complain about them causing issues at the Olympic Park, which was their home before you kicked them out!  It just seemed like this plan was not properly thought out.  However, I am happy that Boston got the bid and they seem to have a good plan in place.  Sorry D.C., but you gotta do much better!!

Henry Scott 




Just recently, a good friend of mine, mentioned that her ex-husband, her son’s father, did not reach out to her or him with a text, email, a phone call or any kind of communication to wish them a happy birthday and Happy New Year.  After hearing her say that, that kind of hurt my heart emotionally and I felt kind of bad for her and her son.  It doesn’t matter how you feel about your ex-spouse and regardless of how things went and ended, your feelings toward each other should not be portrayed on your child.  We have to be constantly reminded that the child did not ask to be here and does not understand the animosity that may be placed between his or her parents.  From what I have seen and heard about how she treats her son is showing wonderful and unconditional love, not only because she is a mother, but also because that is the kind of person she is and how big her heart is.

Her ex-husband, through most of the marriage from my understanding, was very disrespectful and did not treat her with the love she needed and wanted.  Watching her go through this miserable part of her life, and the constant fighting she was going through to save her job and reputation was saddening, but all of her close friends and family kept her spirits up the best we could.  What kind of man, father, could just forget your son or push your son aside because of your emotional dealings with his mother?  Some women are single mothers by choice, and some are single mothers because of the situation that was thrown on them and no fault of their own.  This is a situation that was no fault of her own from my understanding, and now it would appear that her son’s father is punishing them both for not acknowledging his offspring.  In some small way I can sympathize and knows what that feels like, as most people that I have met would think that I was raised by a single mother, but the only difference is that my father was there in the physical sense, but emotionally and spiritually was nowhere to be found.

This kind of behavior towards your kids is ridiculous and nonsense.  Kids who are exposed to this kind of behavior from their parents, from their father in this instance, can and have grown up hating their father’s.  Also, we have seen the father get all upset when the mother finds someone to be happy with and is around their son, playing the father figure and role model.  That kind of anger, jealousy response from the father, who was nowhere to be found, is selfish and asinine to core.  Why get upset and pissed off when you see another man around your son, when you didn’t want anything to do with him in the beginning?  Why you want to cause relationship problems with your son’s mother and make it harder for her to move on?  Remember your actions will have consequences, and you mush deal with those consequences as they come!  Father forgetting his son or daughter is where deadbeat dad comes from and only become known as a sperm donor for all the wrong reasons.  Now, I don’t know this guy personally, and have no intentions to do so, but that is not needed to know what kind of father he is to his son.

No woman deserves to face this kind situation, especially her as she is a beautiful person inside and out.  As big as her heart and love is for her son, he will be just fine and grow up to be an outstanding member of society.  Once her son grows up and is able to speak and accomplish things with desire and wants in the forefront, I’m sure his father will try to claim him then.  This is a sad cycle that continues to repeat itself over and over again and doesn’t seem to have a ending nowhere in sight.  I will continue to pray for her and have encouragement for her, as well as the rest of her friends and family, to continue on the path of raising her son to the best of her ability and make their home a happy one.  I do know one thing, and that is he, her son’s father, better catch up quickly and be a father in his son’s life or be left behind and face the worse the relationship he could have with his son.



2014 in review (Site Stats)

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 580 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 10 trips to carry that many people.

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PLOT: The storm destroys more of the globe and disrupts the eco-systems with great force; and the fight on the home front is much more dangerous than first thought.

DECEMBER 31, 2099 @ 1400hrs.

The massive global storm has claimed the most recent victims within Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Bangladesh, and with these areas not being structurally sound to offer some shelter for its citizens, the areas were devastated beyond repair. The lightning strikes of the storm, however, did intensify enormously and many people running for cover were struck by the extreme bolts of lights firing down from the sky. Many people and structures were tossed in the sky and flung around like a piece of thread blowing in hurricane winds. Several lifeless, and full of life, human and animal bodies were twisted and blown apart by the winds cutting through them like a knife going through warm butter. The storm wall that was approaching other areas and regions during the devastation, were full of people who were too weak to run and even think about seeking shelter. Obviously, those that stayed in the direct path of the storm were killed instantly either by the winds of the storm or exploding on impact of a flying object.

While the storm is continuing to devastate and destroy the regions in its path, the president of the United States prepares himself for an address to his country and to the rest of the free world still able to listen and comprehend his words. Any programming that was being televised at this moment was interrupted and shown in its place was the leader of the free world.

PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: To my fellow citizens of the free world, this message is not only directed towards the American people, but to everyone that is listening around the world who is still able to do so. At this particular time our differences towards each other, or towards another nation, is in no play as we all face one common threat. I’m hearing and seeing all kinds of conflicts and civil unrest within the borders of the United States and elsewhere around the world, that it concerns me that we haven’t come together yet to survive this global catastrophe threatening our very existence. This storm has a very likely potential to wipe out the entire human and animal population in the world from ever existing again, but yet most of us are still trying to hold on to our own agenda to get what we can get. You can gain whatever you want to gain, but all that will soon be wiped away when you are ultimately faced with the force of nature at the highest levels. I am due to land in Washington within the next few minutes, which I have seen the storms potential while vacationing in Hawaii with my family. We’ve lost American service members in the Pacific and Asian arenas due to this storm unforgiving and relentless pounding on the civilization. Now that we, in the United States, know that we will be one of the last nations standing before the storm comes through, we don’t know what kind of devastation will come. Unfortunately, it looks like everything we see now will be reduced to massive debris and simply dust, along with the human race. Our military and law enforcement are doing what they can and have to do in order to continue the human race and the continuation of our respective nations. I ask that all give the authorities their best behavior and I ask that the authorities respect the citizen’s wishes and rights under the nation’s constitution, even during Martial Law or military rule. We may not have that long on earth to be nice and kind to each other; God has given us this opportunity to do so, and for those that only want to disrupt the process in assisting the continuation of the human race, must be dealt with swiftly. We have no clear understanding of what kind of destruction this storm is bringing with it, but we do know it is getting stronger and stronger as it moves across the Asian, and soon to follow European Continent. This is the time for us to work together and not fight amongst each other for our own personal agenda that won’t matter within the next twenty-four hours. If this is our last hours on planet earth, we need to do it with humility and respect. This is the President of the United States and I hope the best to all of you and when time permits, I will speak to you again.

Just as the president was ending his speech, he felt Air Force descending towards the nation’s capital, which he had apprehensions about. President Black was advised that the pilot was struggling with getting in contact with air traffic control now, although they were in communication just minutes prior to beginning their descent. This confused the president and the staff on Air Force One when suddenly the pilot started to conduct aggressive maneuvers in the air as if he was trying to avoid being shot down. Without warning, any staff member not seated and walking around were thrown amongst the interior passenger compartment of the plane. The president ended up banging his head against the interior wall of the plane, causing a massive bruise to his head, but he was more concerned about his wife and daughter, who were safely seated in their seats and scared as expected. Within minutes of the plane going from a calm ride to a rolling in the seas in the sky, the situation was relayed to the president that the escort fighter jets eliminated the threat of an anti-aircraft gun being fired. Once the pilot was given the all clear by the president to proceed to land, it was then figured out that the air traffic control tower was destroyed and completely engulfed in flames. Within the few minutes of landing on the runway, a militia group came from around a few hangers and opened fire on Air Force One.

With high powered rifle rounds bouncing off the exterior of the plane, the president immediately gave the order to get back in the air. The attack was quickly repelled by the escort fighters when four missiles, two each, were fired at the anti-government forces. One of the escort pilots began to guess that the regional airport was being fought over by government and anti-government forces. This made the situation more realistic and let everyone on Air Force One knowing that this could be the end for all and that saving America maybe a winless fight. However, the president then gave the order to fly back west towards the Nevada desert. The threat of Air Force One being shot down by anti-government forces raised the alert level to the highest potential. This put every military base and Air Force installation on full scale alert and to patrol within a certain number of miles within the installation borders. While the president is on his way to Nevada, the Joint Chief’s advise him that even though the military is facing some fierce resistance from anti-government forces, which consists of regular citizens and uniform, they are gaining ground in taking back control of key points around the nation’s capital, but still way too hot for the president and members of congress to be around.

As it looks like the country was on a decline from within, president continued to keep up the façade of being positive, which deep inside he was terrified to death about what was happening and coming. He knew darn well that he could do nothing to protect his fellow Americans, and his country, but except save himself and his family from complete inevitability. Even that thought started to be a defeating one, and for the first time in years he felt powerless to do anything to save his country and its people. It was soon put on all televisions across the country, and radio stations, emergency broadcast system announcements that went twenty-four hours, every day of the week. Nearly all regularly scheduled programs were either cancelled or just didn’t show up on television and/or radio. Only news channels and radio news stations stayed on the air round the clock for updated information within the country and around the world. It would appear that the statements that the president made to the public, and around the world, took hold to some as the chaos started to subside in certain pockets, but it was still raging in the Middle East as conflicts escalated. Within a matter of two hours, the Egyptian government was partially overthrown by an anti-government faction group, while the loyal military units still organized fought back with fierce retaliation. It would appear to most watching the events unfolding in Egypt that a civil war had erupted amongst the people.

Tensions between Israel and some factions in Iran, not directly supported by the Iranian government, rose to where they both almost launched direct ammunitions towards each other. Israel launched a military buildup and had all fighter jets on massive alerts to launch a preemptive strike in necessary. This of course got the Iranian government directly involved and building up their own military readiness for a defense against Israel. All other nations in the region followed suit and it was in no time that everyone was on extreme high alert. Other factions, anti-government groups in Africa, especially in Central and East Africa were already engaged in fierce fighting, trying to eradicate each other off the earth before the storm would ultimately do that for them. Two nations near the southern region of Africa engaged in an all-out ground war between their armies, killing numerous men, women and children who were not engaged in the fight. Several clans and tribes waged war on each other, however, they have no idea of what is coming upon them from above, except they believe their Gods are informing them of what to do and how to protect their existence. If the storm wasn’t causing mass panic amongst the people of the world, people were causing panic amongst themselves and destroying themselves prematurely, instead of prospering the little time left on earth. Little did the American people realize that no destruction placed upon themselves would be any match for the real terror that was coming forth from above the heavens.







My wife and I, in my opinion very nice and intelligent people, were out yesterday late morning to buy breakfast for ourselves and her mother from our favorite Dunkin Donuts here in Albany, New York.  We pull up to the drive-thru speaker box and within seconds began to give our order.  In front of us was a fushia or light purple Honda Civic being operated by a young white female.  As we are running into a slight issue in trying to place our order, the purple Honda pulls ahead and rounds the corner at the pay window.  While we are waiting for our chance to pay for our food, my wife and I are debating whether they were going to mess up our order of three coffee’s and one hot tea.  Immediately after the purple Honda left the pay window with her order, we pulled up and ready to pay for our order, which came to just over $14.  The male cashier leaned out the window and explained to us that the lady in front of us, in the purple Honda, just paid for your order.  I must admit this was a shock to me and something that I have never had happen, unless I was in uniform.  With that huge generosity paid to us, by someone who doesn’t know me or my wife, we paid it forward and took care of the food bill for the guy behind us.  Later on as I had thought about it, I did notice the younger lady looking at me through her driver side mirror, but it wasn’t a mean look or a look of nervousness.  My wife and I have never seen that purple Honda before and hopefully I get to see her one day in the near future to thank her.

Now with all the racial tensions being displayed in the country through the media and blaming law enforcement for most of it, you can’t say anything negative about this experience.  For all I know this young lady could have seen me in uniform once before and remembered who I was, or she may just have a wonderful heart and racially blind and just decided to do a great deed in paying for our breakfast.  Who knows?  All I know is that I have never been apart of something like that, while off duty and in civilian clothes, and we hope that when we paid for the guy behind us, he continued it to the next person.  I have doubts he did because he pulled out pretty quick after we left Dunkin Donuts, but maybe he paid it forward elsewhere and we just don’t know it.  However, you look at it for what it is worth and that racial tension, at least in my opinion, didn’t play a part in this or maybe it did, but then again I may never know.  This younger lady saved us money and made our day and reminded us that their is still wonderful and great people in the world.  We all need to place racial divide aside and do things for each other regardless if you know them or not, and remember that the person you helped may have a great day after that great deed.  Continue to enjoy your wonderful and peaceful holiday!

Henry Scott


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So with all the major holidays settled down behind us, we are in the period of a buffer zone before the New Year’s holiday.  What do we call the last six days of the year?  Some would probably think that these last six days of the year should mean nothing except your preparations for the New Year’s Eve Celebration.  Others might even speak out and think that these last six days of the year mean nothing, except getting your ass back to work and plan out your New Year’s Resolutions.  Knowing myself and how I think these last six days I think deserve some kind of recognition, not necessarily squeezing in another holiday type celebration.  Should we call these last days “End of Year Days”, “Black Week” (in coordination with last minute and end of year sales), “Holiday Season” (as most of us know it now), or some other fancy name to help us continue the celebration from Christmas to New Year’s Day?  This would be up to the personal decision of the person or families of how they want to enjoy these last six days of the year as they have for many, many years.

However, my reason for this post is more so to run through the things that have happened to me and my family this year.  This is the time of the year where we start seeing a lot more look backs into the most famous stories of the year, highlights in sports, heartbreaking stories and much more.  With me I may have mixtures of everything, which this could definitely be long post with everything that I can think of and have record of.  Things listed below are separated by month with brief summaries of how that month happened and what occurred.  Enjoy!


As always I enter the New Year with a renewed mental state and attitude in hoping this coming year will be different than the previous year.  Like many other New Year’s Day celebrations I entered this year by working and being alone, separated from my wife.  Although being in a different location than my wife for New Year’s is not completely different, it was, however, different in the sense that she was living in another part of the country.  Three weeks prior to entering 2014 I had moved my wife to her hometown in Albany, New York where she began her new job.  This also started the transition period of us preparing ourselves for another move and me bringing our personal belongings up to New York every week when I was off.

Not too long after we started this transition period I began informing my fellow co-workers, more so than before, that my time as a police officer in the lovely state of Maryland is coming to an end.  Before this month, however, I had applied to numerous police agencies in both New York and Vermont.  Although I had taken the New York State Civil Service test back in November 2013, I had no clue whether I passed or failed the test.  The slow and lack luster response from the state of New York would soon play in my favor.  During this first month of 2014 I ended up receiving a phone call from an agency that I am currently employed with on a Sunday morning or afternoon.  Even though they were not advertising for any new hires, I was given the opportunity to take a written test the following month, and if successful through the process, I would receive a part-time position since no full-time position was available at this time.  So it quickly appeared that my new adventures and having the faith in God that I will be taken care of and have new doors open.


Entering the second month of our transition period, and racking up many miles on my personal car, marked one month closer to me ending my career where it started.  It was around this time of the year where I began to mark my resignation date to be around the end of March, which played perfectly in our favor as well.  Although the lease of the apartment that my wife and I were renting didn’t end until April, I knew that I would need that one month to finish up the massive move up north.  While my co-workers are trying to figure out when I will exactly leave and resign my position, I had a written test to prepare for, which ironically no study guide was given to me.  So I ended up entering this written test site, which was at the Vermont Criminal Justice Training Council – Police Academy, located in Pittsford, Rutland County.  I take the two and half hour drive from Albany to Pittsford, which was on my scheduled day off, and arrive at the test site in time.

The strange thing was that it didn’t hit me until almost an hour later after my arrival that I was the only black or African-American, however you look at it, at the test site out of a potential 100 or more so applicants for other agencies.  With this observation I never felt distracted, out of place or felt that I was being looked at strangely because I could have been breaking a racial barrier.  I was relieved when I found out that I didn’t have to take a physical fitness test since I was coming as a part-time officer.  However, the written test itself was not easy and, in my opinion, much harder than the civil service test I took a few months prior in Albany County, which gave a time period of five hours to finish.  In taking the written test for the state of Vermont, you were given the allotted time of 1 hour and 30 minutes to fully complete 100 questions.  My reaction was shock, but I was able to just finish the last question before the moderator yelled “time!”  You needed a 70 percentile to pass the test, which seems harmless enough, but with the math and essay questions listed on the test, that passing grade can be a huge challenge.

Once you finished the test you had to wait outside of the gym, where the test was being held, until everyone finished.  After everyone finished the staff gave the instructions for everyone to enter back into the gymnasium.  About fifteen minutes later, the moderator started to rattle off the names on the list she had plastered in front of her face.  She gave the instructions that if your name was called you must leave the gymnasium and meet her outside in the hallway.  This period was kind of nerve-wrecking as I anxiously waited for my name to be called, which was never called.  Once she came back into the gym from out in the hallway, we were then told that everyone in the gymnasium passed the written test.  Nearly half of us that came to take the written were gone now based on not making the passing grade.

Of course, for most the physical fitness test was the next phase, while others who were going for part-time positions went immediately to the classroom to take your psychology test.  That took another hour to two hours to complete and then I was done and headed back home to Albany.  It would be several days before I would get a call about my results after that day on February 13th.  My wife and I kept our Valentine’s Day tradition of ordering pizza, which started while we were living in Maryland and got snowed in.  That tradition has been kept and annually repeated ever since.


My wife and I are now entering our third month of transition, and it is getting harder and harder to keep going up and down the road from New York to Maryland on a weekly basis.  However, this would become my last month of employment in Maryland and entering my 11th year as a law enforcement officer with my first civilian agency.  By this time of the transition it is now solidified that my last days of employment would be at the end of the month, and time to get things finalized in my personal and career life.  This also felt like time was slowing down as it came to an end, but happy that I am about to embark on a new life in a new town and new state.  My wife and I had to set up a storage unit and I had to quickly get our living space in my mother in laws house set up for living arrangements.  While dealing with the emotional rollercoaster of my career ending in one place and knowing that I would miss certain friends and family members, I also got word from another Vermont agency that was interested in hiring me.  It was definitely an emotional day when I left and signed off for the last time, which I describe as a bitter-sweet ending of my career in Maryland.  I definitely miss the people I worked with, but the job itself I don’t miss one bit and have no plans on ever returning, except to visit those that I still care about.


Finally we have entered the final month of our transition period, which ended nicely with the clean-up and preparations in contacting movers to load and move our personal belongings to our storage unit in New York.  This was also the time I saw our favorite neighbors and said our last good-byes to them, and to keep in contact even after we are long gone.  Once the carpets were cleaned and walls painted, I turned in our keys and left Maryland behind for good with nothing holding me back.  Of course, we did get a scare when the moving company called me on my cell phone while I was heading to New York to meet them at the storage unit.  A snag in the plans occurred when the driver of the moving company got pulled over and discovered that his license was suspended.  No one else in the truck had valid licenses or had a license at all and so the delivery of our personal belongings was delayed one day, but all of our stuff was delivered.  It was also between this time and May that I was told that I passed the psychology test and was moving on to the next phase in the process.


After I received the call from the Bennington County Sheriff’s Office that I would be moving on to the next phase in the process for an oral interview, and later scheduled for my polygraph examination, which was next month.  Of course, I had to wait for the results of my background investigation, which I had hoped I stated to them everything.  During my interview I had already signed my conditional offer, which was a first for me in this part of a police process.  With everything finally settling with our move, I started doing house projects to make our living experience a nice one.  My carpentry experience was definitely put to the test as I completely redesigned the rear basement to our studio apartment, and replacing things and restaining wood around the house.  This month was also the physical fitness test, polygraph, psychological and oral interview parts of the process with Harford Police Department, another agency that had expressed interest in me weeks earlier.  Unfortunately, the date that they wanted me to come in and do all these things before joining their department was bad timing.  My wife and I had already scheduled our dog, Romeo, for his surgery to be neutered.  I had to contact them to reschedule the date, which would come up later in August.


Two months after I had officially moved to upstate New York, I had gotten word of my phase in the process with Bennington County Sheriff’s Office.  I was told that I would meet a sergeant of the Vermont State Police for my polygraph examination.  However, I had to reschedule that examination because I got lost using my GPS and using the address I found online.  Of course, I felt like crap that I was late and couldn’t find the Royalton Barracks, where the polygraph examination was supposed to be.  Luckily about two weeks later I got rescheduled to do the polygraph examination in the same location as before and found it this time.  Like many polygraph examinations that I had taken before, I entered kind of nervous and ready for a long drawn out process of continually being told that I am hiding my intentions.  I couldn’t have been more wrong as my experience with the polygraph examination and examiner was pleasant and comfortable.  They actually want people to pass the exam and not treat them like criminals and make applicants stress out.  With the last portion of the police process finished and completed, I was now in the waiting game of either being hired or denied employment.  While waiting for the final word I continued to enjoy my summer off from working and being taken care of by the wife, and living off of the money that I had saved and received from my leave being cashed out.


The time has come for the final word from Bennington County Sheriff’s Office on my future.  What a gift when I received a call from the agency and was told that I was going to attend the part-time police academy starting in September for two weeks.  Before this period of my new chapter, I had moved up to upstate New York without knowing if I would be hired and when I would start with another police department.  In matter of fact, I had moved up here and resigned my previous position early in the process, but with my strong faith in God, I knew it was the right move and right time to do so.  He had showed me that my faith was not in vain and that I would be rewarded for my strong dedication to Him and the long suffering that I had endured prior to coming up north.


This was the time that the other agency that had expressed interest in me, Harford Police Department, my previous number one pick, wanted me to come in for my rescheduling of the fitness test and two other parts of the process.  With confidence and satisfaction of being hired by the sheriff’s office, I had the unfortunate time to explain to them that I had been hired by another agency in Vermont.  I’m still reeling off of the excitement of being hired and having the opportunity to start my career once again in another part of the country.  My dream of being a deputy sheriff was finally coming true.


With the NFL starting another season, my new season also began with a career in law enforcement in the awesome state of Vermont.  Just a few weeks prior to starting the part-time academy, my wife and I did a dry run to the police academy to have a sense of where it was located.  Good thing we did do a dry run because I would’ve missed the turn and possibly be late my first date of the academy, which would’ve not been a good way to start things.  During my two weeks there at the academy, I learned a lot of how Vermont is different, but same to Maryland.  This would be my first exposure to the culture and to the people of the great maple civilization.  While here during my two weeks I also met another deputy who was hired by the same agency as I was.

The experience I brought with me to Vermont definitely played in my favor at times during the two weeks.  I forged special friendships with others from other agencies and we all got along very well.  The big difference and slight struggle I had with the two weeks was the firearms training.  I had to get used to a new kind of holster, new weapon system, new firearms range operations and a new grading system.  I think I adjusted pretty well and finally got it done and passed the range qualification.  Passed the firearms written test with 100% and passed the final exam with an 89%!  Things at this point started to become more of a reality.  Then the Monday following I began work right away and have been working nearly every week since.


This would become our least eventful month of the year with just me working and learning more of how to do my job.  However, this would be the month that I would start picking up training hours required to keep my job and to gain certification in Vermont.


I would celebrate my 35th birthday and purchase a new used Jeep for my wife as an early Christmas present!


Going into the last month of the year, it ended pretty well with the exception of the last six days that still have to happen.  This would be a fun month of going to the Christmas party being hosted by my agency, which I must say was the most fun I had in a very long time.  I’m very glad we went and had fun with my co-workers and their significant others.  Two weeks later I then went to my wife’s Christmas party being hosted by her job, which wasn’t as exciting and cheerful, but we had a very nice dinner and pleasant time.  I also had my very first Christmas here in New York as an official resident of the state, which was a nice beginning of a new tradition my wife and I will continue.  Sometime in the later half of this year, I was sent a letter that I had passed the civil service test in NY with an 85%!  I was also informed that they might not start hiring or looking at people on the list of applicants until 2016 to 2017.  It would certainly be a huge lost to Albany PD and SUNY PD that I am now employed in the next state over.  I love my job and place of employment too much to leave and go elsewhere now.  I strongly believe that my career will end successfully in Vermont and life will continue to grow and prosper for us for a long time coming!


Henry Scott


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