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WELCOME TO FRANKLINSWRITINGCORNER.COM!  Thank you for stopping by and I hope that you get an opportunity to explore my blog site and find something you like of interest.  I came into blogging a few years ago, which was inspired by my wife, labellanoire, who had a blog of her own sometime ago.  She inspired me to share my story ideas with the rest of the world and see how it works for me.  I have to say I love it and I plan on keeping and staying on this track for years to come.  In 2012, in the Washington Post magazine, I had a fictional story called the “Red Barn” printed along with an article about me.  I have to say this was exciting and gave me the motivation knowing that I have what it takes to get noticed, and that I have the skill and creativity to draw in my readers and fans alike.  With that published article in the Washington Post magazine on my mind when I write, I also use real life events to inspire my writing to keep readers interested and to hopefully be a loyal fan!  I look forward to seeing and hearing from you as time goes on with my fiction and non-fiction stories, and giving you the opportunity to learn more about me so I can learn more about you!  The reader!


D. Franklin


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(Reading Rating: Mature Audience)

Plot Line – Worse fears are felt when Antarctica is affected by the global storm cell; Canada feels the effects of the storm on its northern border; the video that the thirteen year old boy recorded is viewed by millions.

December 31, 2099 @ 12:00hrs (EST)

If at this point in the day this global weather system hasn’t got your attention, the next events that will occur certainly will catch the attention of all around the world. By this time of the day, the storm has now entered the regions of Jakarta, Bangkok, Hanoi and more parts of Antarctica. Years earlier Global Warming was a huge concern that the ocean levels would rise to a point that new beaches would form and a new Ice Age would soon be coming. No weather man or meteorologist could have seen this coming in their almanacs that predicted the weather patterns for the next fifty years. When the storm struck more of the polar ice caps in both North and South Poles, all the alarming signals, bells and whistles began to go off and immediately sent panic to all those invested to learn how to keep the gigantic ice region from shrinking to threaten mankind. The alarms sent numerous signals to NOAA and to all Canadian authorities monitoring the north and southern ice regions. The Canadian prime minister was notified of the situation and called for an emergency meeting.

During the meeting of all the appropriate parties that needed to be there, it was shown to all of them, in diagram and virtual video form, that if the rate of the ice continues to melt at the rapid pace it is going with the storm overhead, most of Canada would be looking at being under water within the next twenty-four hours. Of course, this didn’t sit very well with the prime minister and the Canadian government, which all the information shown and given required immediate action. NOAA executives and members at the Bethesda satellite office were in on the meeting, which the portion of the virtual video and diagrams were shown by James Green. This meeting, which lasted about an hour, pretty much gave everyone the real sense that this storm is not going to let up and that the realism of civilization may be on its last leg of survival. Once the meeting was over, President Black, who was also in attendance of the meeting from Air Force One, contacted the Joint Chiefs to plan an evacuation order for all major cities in the country starting with the Northeast and Pacific Northwest regions. The shocking order was when President Black explained to the Joint Chiefs that the plans for the evacuations need to be made within the next six hours.

With this news now amongst all the important parties of the Global Warming Community and authorities far and wide, expedited processes in protecting the citizens. The Canadian prime minister immediately ordered an evacuation of all personnel located in the Artic arena, whether they were Canadian citizens or not. The white house press secretary was contacted by the president to set up an immediate news press conference to alert the public of the pending dangers looming in the polar caps. Even though informing the public of this could potentially create mass panic, especially in areas and cities where civil unrest has already taken hostage, everyone needs to know what is happening and to take precautionary measures. Some stores, especially grocery stores and food banks, have already suffered numerous losses in revenue and damages, with most store owners treating their businesses as if they were embassies of a foreign government.

Just minutes before the press conference at the White House was to get underway, all employees of the NOAA Bethesda satellite office were directed to leave the building by the end of the day, and relocate all resources to the main headquarters in Washington, D.C. This gave the opportunity for Jeremy to contact his family at home to make sure they are packing to head out of town and to explain to them that he will be moving to the headquarters by the end of the day. While everyone in the Global Warming Community is rushing to prepare themselves for the inevitable coming their way, the press conference at the White House gets underway.

WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen to members of the press, the American people and to all those that are watching and listening to this press conference. All questions that you have in mind are to be held at the very end and for those that can’t be answered at this time will be directed to those that can. Around midnight this morning on December 31, 2099, NOAA noticed a storm being established over the waters in the Pacific Ocean, just over 1300 miles southwest of Hawaii. For the past twelve hours, and through media live feeds that have been broadcasted, the storm has grown in tremendous strength and causing mass havoc and destruction that no one can prepare for. The storm at this point is heading east along the Asian continent and will strike the east coast of Africa within the next four hours or so. This storm is continuing to grow in strength, size and devastation and creating other weather systems, such as tornados and hurricanes, to form and alliance themselves with the storm. Although no rain can be seen accompanying the storm, tsunamis are bashing shorelines of many countries and the death tolls continue to rise because of the storms ability. As you know many passenger jetliners have been lost due to this storms unbelievable reach beyond its storm clouds, which has caused many nations, including the United States, to lose contact with many Navy and Marine vessels that were located in areas of the Indian and west regions of the Pacific Ocean. Just recently, we have discovered that the storm has begun to affect the north and south poles, especially Antarctica where the enormous ice sculptures are rapidly melting, causing the ocean levels in the immediate area, and around the world to rise. Nations near the Arctic region, especially the northern portions of Canada, are in immediate danger of being flooded out. We urge everyone to remain calm and not create the situation to be worse with panic and violence to make it hard for those that want to evacuate their homes. However, the storm is not due to reach the United States eastern shoreline for another twelve hours, which gives you more than enough time to seek shelter and prepare your family. The president is still on his way back from Hawaii and will be here within the next few hours to speak to the press, the American people and to the world. I will take questions at this time.

As the white house press secretary is answering questions at the end of the press conference, he receives an alert on his secured phone about a video that was released online. In the middle of one question being asked by a reporter, the press secretary immediately interrupts him and advises the media in attention that a new video of the storms capability has just been reviewed and released by NOAA. With the current technology at this time still able to operate at full capacity, the video was quickly displayed on a projector screen behind the press secretary, and in front of the White House seal. After the press secretary gave the clue to dim the lights in the room, the video was played on the screen for all media and television viewers to see and hear. The video lasted about one minute or so and every sound of the incoming storm could be heard through the microphone of the video being recorded by the thirteen year old Chinese boy. As the people continue to watch the video, near the end of the recording a quick five second view of the incoming storm, even though it was nightfall over China, could be easily seen approaching. With no Chinese interpreter immediately available, everyone had to watch and listen the boy speak in his native language doing commentary.

In the last five seconds of the storm approaching with such speed and enormous sounds preceding it, the audience watching the recording all gasped and began to murmur amongst each other. Once the video ended the lights were returned to normal lighting in the room and an eerie silence fell upon all those present. The press secretary, and other government officials in the room, were stunned and struggled to speak after the video was shown. About one minute passed before the silence in the room was broken by the press secretary making a few comments about the video just shown. Unknown to the members in the White House, the video was also shown in Times Square on the all the jumbo-trons available. It wasn’t long until after the video was shown that civil unrest really exploded in New York City with NYPD trying to prepare themselves for the inevitable events to soon follow until the storm arrives. Almost immediately after the video was seen by several government officials from different countries around the world, the respective governments announced Martial Law and called up every available unit to enforce this emergency directive.

Sooner than expected President Black had to give the order to his Joint Chief’s to put all National Guard units on alert and when necessary deploy them in the streets to restore law and order. This definitely gave the president pause that he would have to act much sooner than expected, and in retrospect realized the twelve hours prior to the storm hitting the United States is simply not enough time to evacuate every major city. It was very soon to the American public, and to the world citizens, that the United States and every able nation was preparing as if they were about to engage in a full scale world war with military and police converging on the streets; restricting freedoms and enforcing curfews amongst its loyal citizens. A good portion of the problems were at all major international airports, where many passengers wanted to either leave or head home to be with family and friends. Although many flights are still in use between Europe and North America, several of them were fully booked and no flights would be approved when the storm was at least two hours away from hitting the area. This of course caused many families to embrace the storm in separate areas of the world, apart, and brought many to the realization that the human society has reached its limit of existence.

At this point in the earth’s history, which would be viewed for the last time by millions of people, mainland China was being destroyed and torn apart by this storm passing over. It was unclear whether the Chinese government was able to evacuate in time and still be in position to govern the nation from its secondary positions and bunkers. No one would ever know about other nations already impacted by this storm, but that would not be of concern as it is now to the point where everyone has to lookout for themselves. Crimes across that countries in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and other NATO allies have spiked to the point where many criminals are being dealt with by other citizens with the use of deadly force or other forms of vigilante justice where the government forces are not visible. Gun violence has erupted in almost every major city across the respective countries, which has involved many citizens and groups in fighting a mini civil or revolutionary war statuses fighting for survival in major human needs.


(Next Blogsode – December 22, 2014)

Next on “Digital Realm” – A conflict in the Middle East is prepared to erupt; the United States Constitution is shredded.

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(Reading Rating: Mature Audience)

Plot Line: United States begins to face a domestic issues hours prior to the storm striking; civil unrest and chaos begins to spread around the world; religious organization see spikes in enrollment.

December 31, 2099 @ 11:00hrs (EST)

The local news media in Chicago, with the mayor and his cabinet watching, starts to report on violent protest and civil unrest in certain challenged areas of the city.  As the mayor looks on at his beloved city slowly descending into anarchy, he immediately orders all police officers throughout the city to use any measure necessary to squelch the violence.  City governments in Phoenix, Los Angeles and Seattle follow suit by deploying police in riot gear all over their cities.  Army National Guard units in Arizona, Illinois, Washington and California are put on high alert in case the local law enforcement agencies can’t handle the task.  The mayor of New York City is fully aware of what is happening in other major cities and decides to take a proactive role by increasing police presence.  President Black is made aware of the civil unrest and violent protest in some of the major cities, but is very relieved to find out that Washington, D.C. has not fallen into chaos.  Majority of the cities in the east have had their respective governments take the proactive approach by increasing police presence, but not infringing on the rights of the citizens.

While the president is still flying back from his vacationing zone in Hawaii, the Blackout Storm, has now reached the borders of China and the neighboring regions.  The air raid alarms sounded throughout Beijing, Honk Kong, Taiwan and Perth, Australia.  As the storm rolls in above the affected areas, the sound of the storm was immediately deafening, causing many residents and citizens to cover their ears with anything possible, including their hands, to mute the sound.  Beijing International Airport, did not recall all of their planes in time and lost thousands of people and hundreds of jetliners within seconds of the lightning and winds hitting the area.  The air traffic control tower, which was under renovation, begins to crumble with people and employees still inside.  Evacuation was ordered earlier, but the essential employees inside the tower could not evacuate until all passenger jetliners were grounded, turned around, secured and unloaded with passengers.  Many employees and citizens at the airport were able to evacuate to lower ground, but the air traffic control tower finally exploded with two fully fueled tanker trucks, that were lifted and tossed through the air by the massive winds, struck the building.  Once the tower exploded and walls of fire brought down the structure, the winds just tossed the engulfed objects in disregard.

Mass panic through the streets of Hong Kong and Beijing was uncontrollable and lead to numerous people being stampeded to death, or being killed by panic drivers not carefully maneuvering their vehicles.  As thousands of people began to run through the middle of the city streets and playing dodge ball with half ton vehicles, one tourist was killed when she was crushed by two trucks colliding into each other front to rear.  Millions of people through the Beijing and Shanghai corridor were trapped by the destructive lightning and winds coming from all directions through the mountainous regions, that many of them took shelter in place, whether in vehicles, above ground or in caves.  Those that took shelter inside vehicles and above ground, with no protective shelter above, were easily swept up into the air and just became objects for the storm to discard like trash.  However, one thirteen year old Chinese boy, just outside of Beijing, was witnessing this storm coming through the heartland of the country towards his town, threatening everything he knows and what his family have worked for.  Watching the storm speeding towards him had him in a transfixed state, where a coke bottle, glass, struck him in the forehead to break his hypnosis.

It was at that point the boy realized what had just happened and that getting this storm on video would be wonderful.  As the storm moves in closer to his town, lose garbage and household items, along with dust and dirt, began to swirl around him, with some of the small grains of sand hitting him directly in the face and eyes.  Just as he was pulling out his cell phone, which was a gift from his father, who was working in Beijing during this weather cell, dirt and dust and sand got him in the eyes.  The boy let out a scream, which his mother heard and ran over to him to bring him inside the house.  When the mother asked her son what was wrong, he explained that the dirt, dust flew into his eyes and felt like shards of glass penetrating his eye sockets.  He further explained to her that he was standing outside to take video of the storm coming with his new phone that his father got him for this birthday.  While the winds hit the exterior walls of the house causing it to rock, and the dirt and dust striking the same walls sounding like nails on a chalkboard, the mother looks at the boy’s cell phone that was sitting on the kitchen table.  She finishes cleaning out his eyes, but his vision is blurry at best right now and he still wants to record the storm coming.

Even with his mother strongly urging him, even yelling at him in sign and verbal language, he still wants to record it.  Seeing that she will not break her sons will and courage to face the storm head on, she finds and hands him swimming goggles to put on to protect his eyes from further damage.  The mother dust of his phone and hands it back to him and deeply tells him to rush back inside for safety once he gets record of it.  The boy smiles and runs outside with his swimming goggles and his trusty cell phone.  Almost immediately, after stepping outside, heavy dust and dirt flying through the air strikes his whole body.  His mother stands at the front door, but she remains on the side part of the door frame closely watching her son and will run out to him immediately if she needs too.  The winds coming down on the town is getting stronger by the minute, and much louder, but due to his hearing challenges, the sound doesn’t bother him.  Her son struggles to gather his balance as the dirt and dust pounds his body.  After a minute of struggling, he finally gets his balance and turns on his camera, recording the incoming storm, which was unlike anything he has ever seen.

Thirty seconds after he started recording the incoming storm, looking through his camera phone, he could see an object flying towards him, but couldn’t see what it was.  With the storm creating confusion, setting off fires in the city, which is creating a backdrop for the storm, the object flying towards him is soon revealed.  The boy witnessed a human body land in front of him with such hard force on the ground that blood and flesh splattered on his pants and lower portion of his shirt.  His mother came running out to see what it was herself and both started screaming when they discovered it was her husband, his father mangled body.  They were able to identify him through the necktie his son made for him for Father’s Day.  Within the next thirty seconds, the boy knew that he needed to share this video before it was too late.  He quickly accessed the internet and, with a little luck he was able to find a signal for about ten seconds, and send the video out on the web.  Almost immediately after he sent the video, the storm was on top of them and they were soon struck by lightning at the same time being swept in the air by the very strong winds.

As millions of people in China and Australia frantically try to find cover, thousands of people are being struck by lightning each second the storm is passing through.  Back in the United States the Joint Chiefs of Staff send out alerts to all military forces around the world, at the same time the state department wires security and evacuation orders to all American Embassies in numerous countries.  President Black is forwarded the information from one of the secret service agents about what the state department and the Joint Chiefs’ ordered.  Included in that information that he received, he is saddened to know that the American Embassy in Beijing has been lost, along with millions of people lives.  Although the evacuation order was given, it was too late for thousands of employees, American, foreign and government officials, to leave and had no choice but to huddle in place.  With the powerful of the storm still spreading through globe, no man-made structure will be able to with stand the force and massive strength that this storm is providing.  As the storm grows through the atmosphere, the electromagnetic pulse field is expanding miles and miles prelude to the storm approaching.  Cities like Bangkok and Kuala Lampur are struck with an EMP, which shuts down all electrical equipment and sending the society back to the Stone Age.  This would now be the new way to know when the storm is soon to hit.

As the impending storm continues to gain strength while creeping across the globe, many religious organizations and groups recorded spike in membership.  The most staggering increases were inside the religious realm of Christianity and Catholism, with increase in Muslim at a close third.  Within the Bible Belt of the United States, hundreds of churches, prodimently  black, saw spikes up to at least 75% within the last 24 hours.  Many religious leaders, including television evangelist, were recorded and interviewed making statements that the times and days we are in are quoted “The Last Days”.  It was repeated through out the religious community that God sworn not to destroy the earth by water, but to punish mankind with fire and hell from above.  On top of the heavy hearts and panic impulse within society, this sparked many atheist and anti-government protest in the streets not only across America, but within the many borders of Europe.  In some places some people had to be turned around from church doors temporarily only because during New Year’s Eve services, churches were not trying to violate the Fire Marshal code to the maximum attendance allowed.  Lines invaded the sidewalks from many local religious institutions, where police had to be recruited for security and to make sure those trying to receive the word of God were not turned away prematurely.

The constant uncertainty that lumes over the future of the world, continues to overwhelm the churches and synagogues in all parts of the city, that many public schools had to be transformed into a place of worship being held in cafeterias and auditoriums.  This was the only time that many people could remember that everyone of different religious and culture backgrounds didn’t clash, and that racial divide was basically diminished.  This kind of unity was very much excepted in some areas of the country, and parts of the world, but in other locations it was considered that this type of camaraderie is too little too late.


(Next Blogsode – December 15, 2014)

Next on “Digital Realm” – Worse fears are felt when Antarctica is affected by the global storm cell; Canada is feels the effects of the storm on its northern border; the video that the thirteen year old boy recorded is viewed by millions.

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(Read Rating: Mature Audience)

Plot Line – The Korean Peninsula creates a problem that President Black tries to stop; with the electric storm growing, more communications are disrupted.

December 31, 2099 @ 1000hrs (EST)

The Blackout Storm has now reached its new victims that will experience terror beyond belief, and much worse than those that went through it just thirty minutes ago.  Pyongyang, North Korea is one of those cities that is next on the storm’s radar, which through propaganda and governmental brainwashing, placed blame of this global destruction on the United States, the imperialist.  The government leaders of the communist state, knowing that the storm is heading their way, use this propaganda material to enrage their country to a preemptive attack on South Korea and the American forces stationed there.  However, that desire to reign terror and death on the South Korean peninsula, died itself after a few rockets were launched once again.  The lightning strikes that were raining down on the citizens below, struck the rising missiles in mid-flight, which caused them to explode in the South Korean airspace.  Although the missiles launched did not reach the city of Seoul, the military commanders in the region prompted for a retaliation strike, but they too were ceased by the raging storm overhead.

Just before the satellite communications went down and all primitive and sophisticated technology went back to the Stone Age, an immediate alert to all military channels that the North Korean’s launched an attack.  Naval vessels, on both sides including the American warships, fought fiercely causing each other great damage, but neither one was sunk by an enemy warship.  This sudden ignition of the Korean War, that never officially ended, sparked dramatic news coverage from around the world.  The president of the United States was relayed this information while on Air Force One in the high altitudes over earth’s surface.  Still not completely understanding the complexity, but also simple, conformity of this storm, President Black orders all military bases and forces in the Asian and European theatres to be on high alert.  He attempts to contact the South Korean and North Korean governments to stop the senseless and unprovoked shelling of each other, but he is quickly met with extreme silence on his side of the phone.  Obviously, this worried him to the point he felt nauseas in his stomach, which nearly flared up his ulcers he was diagnosed just before he took the presidency.  President Black then sent out an order for the defense department to reach the commanding general of the united forces, but that was too unsuccessful.

Unable to get in contact with any his forces, including his self-pointed commanders in the region, he starts to get unsettled about the notion, but he remains his calm and cool demeanor.  Just as he is trying to compose insides from overloading his heart with tension and nervousness, he receives a call from NOAA.  After he receives the news from the weather monitors that the Korean peninsula has been hit by the storm, he sits down and leans back in his chair closing his eyes.  Once off the phone he looks into his eyes of his daughter and notices that she is watching him and how he reacts to bad news relayed to him.  His wife, in another part of the plane, looks and sees them two looking at each other and immediately walks over to grab her daughters hand and take her to the rear of the plane.  She looks at her husband, who looks exhausted, and gives him a smile along with a gentle touch to his face that seemed to calm his nerves. 

The full body of the storm has now reached the region and has unleashed the new meaning of horror on the unprepared people below.  Lightning strikes have no emotion and no discretion on what they strike and how many times they strike in one area.  Most of the military and high sensitive equipment was destroyed and demolished into thousands of pieces.  Anyone that did not get swept up into the winds of the storm, was either killed or seriously injured by the lightning strikes or, if fortunate, able to hide into underground bunkers.  Water flowing in from the oceans and lakes in its path were not as harmful and destructive as it was on the islands previously, but continued to cause mass floods and taking helpless victims with it.  To most people, especially religious groups around the world, this unforgiving storm was God’s way of cleansing the evilness that has infected the world.  The real answer to that would be within the dark, hellish clouds above, but the only humans to see it are now missing and potentially dead to never be seen again. 

As the storm grows in strength and size, more communications hours before the storm was to hit was being affected.  Any passenger jetliner that did not land at an airport fast enough was another easy victim to the storm and its growing electromagnetic pulse shield.  Every plane that flew into the unsuspected force field was forced out of the sky and landed on the ground or in a body of water, which ended up their permanent, unmarked grave.  The Gaza region exploded once again into violence as the storm creped in closer and closer to the Middle East.  No one had the idea that this storm would bring about numerous violence preceding the storm, but to restore law and order in those broken societies would be a task deemed impossible.  As the electromagnetic pulse grows from the storm’s strength and fast growing pace, all communications and electronics in Perth, Australia, Shanghai, China and Hong Kong fry and go down without warning.  When the all the major metropolis cities and areas went down due to the EMP, that immediately sparked chaos and fears through the hearts of the people.  This event, of course, made people believe that the storm was overhead and ready to rain down the Angel of Death.

Cities like Shanghai and Perth sounded off their air raid alarms to let everyone know of impending danger from the storm, which hasn’t landed yet.  However, in the long run this would be very beneficial to those societies who will already be in hiding when the storm does strike.  President Black was told about this new development of cities and towns going down with a large EMP being distributed to areas prior to the storm landing.  With this new development on the horizon now, the president continues to sit back and look out the window to the God formed clouds below the belly of the plane and wonder what will come next out of this situation that can create more stress for the most powerful man in the world.  This new global threat, that can’t be fought with military forces, makes the world leader look helpless and weak.  To retrieve the status of the most trusted world politician, seems out of reach and not obtainable anymore.


(Next Blogsode – December 8, 2014)

Next on “Digital Realm” – President Black changes his focus on the nation that elected him into office; civil unrest and chaos increases in cities across America; and religious organizations see a spike in membership and prayer request.

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(Reading Rated: Mature Audience)

Plot Line: President Black flies back to Washington, D.C.; FAA breaks the silence about the number of planes missing; and Russian president speaks to President Black.

December 31, 2099 @ 09:15hrs (EST)

President Black, his wife and his daughter begin to pack up their clothes and other personal items to fly back to Washington, D.C. Since the president is on the western edge of the Hawaii Islands, his family will need to board a naval helicopter and then take a flight to the Honolulu airport. While President Black is out in the hallway speaking with one of his agents on his security staff, his daughter tugs him on the pant leg to get his attention. He looks down and he can immediately see, in her young beautiful eyes, that she knows something is wrong and she wants to be near him for comfort. Throughout the entire situation, which he has not transferred his concern to her, he wants to keep her somewhat in the dark to not scare her sweet soul. He reaches down and picks her up by her underarms and rests her body weight on his hip to bring her to eye level. President Black kisses her forehead and brushes away her hair from her face using his hand, so he can better look at her and get a better sense of her emotions.

The secret service agent is asked to leave, while President Black takes her into his bedroom where his wife is near the end of packing up their clothes. They look at each other with pause and which brings a smile to their faces as if they were sharing thoughts, verbally. It was at that point a knock on the door frame behind President Black disturbed their quick intimate moment. President Black turns around, still with his daughter in his arms, and receives the word that everything is ready for them to leave. Within minutes President Black and his family make their way out of the bungalow, which they didn’t know will be the last time, and walk towards the naval helicopter with its blades already whirling. Winds are still high from the blackout storm, but knowing that the country needs their leader to be reachable, the consensus was to risk it and get him out of Hawaii as soon as possible. Just as the president was boarding the helicopter, he receives a call on his satellite phone from the FAA. It was at that moment that his expression showed heart-breaking news he was receiving, which he later shared with his wife. It was already gut-wrenching knowing that two passenger jetliners were missing, but to know that many more have disappeared off the radar was almost too much to bare.

NOAA was receiving this information at the same time and the amount of jetliners missing was too much handle. Approximately, 17 passenger jetliners, from several different airliners from around the world, went missing by just disappearing off the radar. Of course, with news this enormous it was released to the public, and almost immediately after it was announced, emotions ran at such a high volume that more unrest sparked from it. Especially, in China where they lost about three passenger jets over the Pacific Ocean, which at least one of them had members of a major Chinese company that played a major part in the export and import of the country. One news agency, located in New York City, accidently released the names of the jetliners and where they were flying from prematurely that all those airports, which were either the beginning point or ending point, had to deal with extremely emotional families causing a scene.

International News Network crews were at an airport in Detroit and was able to send a live feed of the chaos, involving airport security and police, to their anchors stationed in Washington, D.C. More families and friends of those on the missing plane, in Los Angeles and Toronto, also started aggressively asking questions about their love ones missing, and was the storm in the Pacific to blame. Further into the news cast, the director of the Federal Aviation Administration, announced immediately that all air traffic destined to fly over the Pacific Ocean, in either direction, will be cancelled, delayed or grounded. Of course, that sparked massive amounts of questioning from the reporters and colleagues alike to know what will be done with flights already in transit. Majority of the flights were called back to either to where they took off from or conduct an emergency landing at an airport nearby. During the middle of this live ‘special report’, citizens in Darwin, Alice Springs and Tennant Creek, in Australia, are the hit by the Blackout Storm.

Soon as it was discovered that the storm has hit the next set of victim cities, it was scrolled along the bottom of the news feed of the FAA director speaking to the media. However, this didn’t calm any nerves as to what was happening in Asia and the South Pacific, but chaos began to spread before the storm was even near. By 09:45hrs, President Black, his family and members of his security staff were already aboard Air Force One in transit back to the United States. Taxing down the runway and eventually taking off in high crosswinds did cause Air Force One to swing back and forth during take-off, and it was difficult to climb to a safe altitude. Prior to leaving Honolulu, most of the news circuit, from the United States and other cooperating news agencies from around the world were recording the president and his family boarding Air Force One. One of the viewers watching the president boarding Air Force One was the Russian president, who has been watching the news very carefully about this incoming storm and how President Black will respond to the global threat. As he could see President Black was on his way back to the White House, and that calling him in mid-flight on Air Force One would be the best time to get him alone.

SECRET SERVICE AGENT: Mr. President? I have the Russian president on the phone. He wants to talk to you about the global threat we face.

PRESIDENT BLACK: President Glouchkov! (In a pretend cheerful voice.)

PRESIDENT GLOUCHKOV: President Black, I’m calling to talk to you about this massive weather system that has already claimed nearly twenty-five percent of my country to the east.

PRESIDENT BLACK: I’m sorry to hear that President Glouchkov, but the way this system is and how destructive it seems to be, there isn’t much that any us can do except just pray and hope for the best.

PRESIDENT GLOUCHKOV: Have you made plans to protect your country? It would seem that the west will be hit last.

PRESIDENT BLACK: We have made plans and are implementing those plans as we speak.

PRESIDENT GLOUCHKOV: Good. I’m assuming the summit scheduled for next week is cancelled?

PRESIDENT BLACK: Well, we can’t assume that just yet, but we will get to that point when it comes. We’ll have to let the storm pass and decide what will happen next.

PRESIDENT GLOUCHKOV: You must not understand the power of this storm. It started in the Pacific Ocean and has already claimed most of Australia and all of the islands located in that part of the world.

PRESIDENT BLACK: So are you assuming that this storm will wipe the world out and civilization will cease to exist? That’s a little premature thinking isn’t it?

PRESIDENT GLOUCHKOV: Mr. President, the ocean is warming, sea life is dying, tornados in the hundreds are appearing, lightning strikes are worse than we have ever seen in this world and hundreds of passenger jetliners are missing and will probably never hear from again.

PRESIDENT BLACK: (Sighs.) Yes President Glouchkov. You are exactly right about everything. I know everything about the storm and what is going on, but I’m trying to keep a positive attitude about this whole thing.

PRESIDENT GLOUCHKOV: I admire your optimism Mr. President, but unfortunately that will not carry us through this global crisis. I know you are flying back to the White House where the American people need you. Good luck Mr. President. God permitted I will see you soon!

PRESIDENT BLACK: Yes my friend. I’ll see you soon.

Almost immediately after President Black finished his phone conversation with the Russian president, he turned to his wife and the head secret service agent of his detail, with slight confusion. He was standing during the conversation, but to get his thoughts together and to speak through his thoughts he sat down in his normal chair. For just a quick minute he was wondering why President Glouchkov was concerned about his country preparing for the Blackout Storm instead of protecting his own people. Unfortunately, for him that idea would never come to light and that would soon escape him to where his energy is needed the most.


(Next Blogsode – December 1, 2014)

Next on “Digital Realm” – The Korean Peninsula creates a problem that President Black tries to stop; with the electric storm growing, more communications are disrupted.

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(Reading Rated: Mature Audience)

Plot: President Black is made aware of the missing weather plane, which adds stress to the situation already deteriorating; the international community now plays with the idea of human society dissolving.

December 31, 2099 @ 08:30hrs (EST)

With the United States government best efforts to record and report this gigantic storm cell swirling over the sovereignty lands in the Pacific region, the weather plane that was assigned to complete this mission had disappeared off radar. The bright light and terrifying scene that the crew experienced when they broke through the dark heavy cloud wall, would not be relayed to anyone back on the ground. Almost immediately, after the plane suddenly dropped off the radar, the word of the missing crew was forwarded to the president in an urgent message. Soon after receiving this message from a secret service agent, he told his wife and within minutes his thought process of the next step was stumped.

During this time of depression, Adelaide and Broken Hill, along with other cities and towns of the same time zone, were swallowed up by this raging storm that seemed unstoppable. This time the storm striking land brought winds to near five hundred miles per hour, and unmeasurable towers of water splashing on the residents below, destroying all manmade structures that were ever built by sacrificing hands. Any small town that held a minor population to those of their big town neighbors, lost all evidence of people ever-living there. The most terrifying sight for most was this storm sweeping down on them during the midnight darkness, and unable to really see it coming. Although the constant strikes of lightning hitting the ground and all those beneath it, the dark cloud, that was blacker than the night sky, was terrifying enough.

Once President Black was able to pull himself out of his temporary depressed state, he believed he has figured out the next step in his duty. Although being the most powerful man in the world with duties to include protecting the global community from tyranny reigning, he knows he has to be more concerned about the American people and their ultimate safety. Right now, this storm raging and making its way across the globe would be the tyranny that the world would be afraid of, but have no conventional way of fighting it to cease destruction and death. The previous live television feed that was broadcasted from Sydney, struck the human race directly in the heart, which would soon turn to worldwide panic. This idea has, however, not escaped the mind of President Black, which definitely arrowed towards the society that he was sworn to protect and guide.

With this concern, with a little fear, occupying his heart and mind, he soon made a satellite video feed to his Joint Chief’s and his White House staff about what steps are to be followed next. While on the video conference call, he laid out the next steps to hopefully avoid civil unrest spreading coast to coast, and that his arrival back to Washington, D.C. will be made very shortly. The shadows of World War III definitely started to creep back into the minds of the world, which feared that death of that magnitude would repeat and boil over like water on a stove. Unfortunately, that lawless and anarchist ideal was too late for the citizens of Australia as they would be one of the first nations on the planet to face such inevitability. City of Perth, Australia, which is located on the west coast of the country, suffered greatly in this panic, which alerted the state government to announce state of emergency. With civil unrest sparking in this portion of the world, including Indonesia, death and human destruction was preceding the storm.

The conversation with his Joint Chief’s was intense and scary, but it was something that needed to be done in advance of this satanic weather approaching.

PRESIDENT BLACK: If you haven’t heard already we have lost all contact with a weather plane, which was sponsored by NOAA, over the Pacific somewhere between here and Australia.

VICE PRESIDENT: Jeez. So that is two passenger jets, one weather plane and one nuclear submarine that has vanished from the face of the earth!

ARMY GENERAL: Mr. President, I urge that you take steps right now to combat any domestic threat this may impose.

PRESIDENT BLACK: What do you have in mind, general?

ARMY GENERAL: It will be inevitable as this storm moves closer to our shore, that the public will become restless and respond with unrest and violence on our streets.

PRESIDENT BLACK: (Pauses for a minute.) Have the state governments put their National Guard units on ready status and start making preparations for situations to come. I want to avoid mass panic as much as possible and keep it to a minimum right now. I will be giving a speech to the American public and give them hope that we are on top of this.

ADMIRAL: Should we have all of our naval ships and equipment pulled on shore? I have already given word to other commanders around the globe to find a secure location and anchor down until further notice.

PRESIDENT BLACK: That’s fine Admiral. Any allied nation that is willing to accept our ships docking at their stations, whether civilian or militarily, would be greatly appreciative. Also have the Pacific Fleet moved from Pearl Harbor and further inland in California, Washington, Oregon and Alaska. I don’t want them getting lost and forgotten in the vast sea.

AIR FORCE GENERAL: Mr. President, I would recommend that we ground all of our patrol, aircrafts around the world, except for those at home. We don’t want to leave ourselves exposed to any enemy that may try to use this global system to their benefit.

PRESIDENT BLACK: As you said, general, we don’t want to leave ourselves exposed to our enemies. As the storm grows further west, only ground the fighter jets and lock down bases that are within one hour of the storm hitting. Any allied nation willing to accommodate our aircrafts will be greatly appreciative.

CHIEF OF STAFF: Mr. President, I urge that you cut your vacation short and come back home. You don’t want the American people getting the wrong idea of their elected leader not in Washington.

PRESIDENT BLACK: I’m fully aware of what the public can perceive with me not there or en-route back to Washington. Keep the public at bay that I am fine and that as soon as the weather calms down enough I will be coming back to the White House as soon as possible.

CHIEF OF STAFF: Yes sir. See you soon!

December 31, 2099 @ 08:45hrs (EST) – Bethesda, Maryland

James and Jeremy, this morning, had an interesting conversation at breakfast about the incoming global weather system, and about their relationship with Michelle. Once they arrived back at the office where all the intense operation is happening to gain an advantage over the fast-moving death storm, both could see Michelle working hard as if she was herself once again. Both men stood in the doorway, with Jeremy holding the door open, watching Michelle and the crew intensely working. After taking the scene in of what they were observing, Jeremy and James enter further into the office to join the collaboration. To their amazement nothing was gained from them being gone, nor was anything taken away. When the moment came Jeremy was able to pull aside Michelle and take her outside of the office door. James, while in the middle of his travels throughout the office, witnessed both of them leaving the office and closing the door.

JEREMY TIMMS: How are you feeling?

MICHELLE WHITE: I feel good. Better. It was a mistake to not eat before coming in this morning. Sometimes I must have a harsh reality of my situation.

JEREMY TIMMS: You got me worried when I saw you on the floor. I didn’t know what happened. You should’ve told me that you had low blood sugar.

MICHELLE WHITE: Should’ve told you? Last time I checked we have nothing going on that would constitute me having to tell you about my medical history.

JEREMY TIMMS: Regardless. I care about you a lot and when you don’t take care of yourself and you end up on the floor without anyone knowing, it makes it my business. Definitely if we are going to be working together on this storm that’s sweeping the globe.

MICHELLE WHITE: (Sighs) you know what Jeremy? Does this have anything to do with what we talked about before? Your feelings toward me?

JEREMY TIMMS: You know how I feel about you. I had to act surprised to see you earlier this morning so James wouldn’t know, but somehow he knows. I guess me freaking out about him going through your purse was enough evidence. However, I need you to be at the top of your game during this crisis. We can’t be having people fallout mysteriously when we need things done. Can you understand that?

MICHELLE WHITE: Don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine. Just make sure you do your job and I will do mine. As long as we keep it that way, we won’t have to have this kind of conversation. I care about you a lot Jeremy, but like before you need to keep your emotions in check. That’s what got me transferred to headquarters months back. I had to fight and tell the executives that there is nothing going on with another employee and that he’s just living out some fantasy of his. I’m surprised you didn’t hear anything about that.

JEREMY TIMMS: That would explain why James knew. I was afraid to ask him earlier of how he known expecting it would come to light when it does. Look, I’m sorry about reacting the way I did, but I don’t want to see you get hurt. I’m also happy to see you once again. Working opposite shifts I only get to actually see you in passing. Working with you is like a treat for me under these bizarre circumstances.

MICHELLE WHITE: I’m happy to see you too, but we have to concentrate on what is needed right now. Our focus is on saving mankind from certain death and that is what’s needed at this point. Putting aside our emotional attachment is necessary and getting this mission completed. If time permits we can touch on this later.

With the end of the conversation hitting a sudden point, Michelle walks away leaving Jeremy standing there watching the back of her moving down the hall. Jeremy gathers his thoughts and replays the conversation in his head numerous times trying to make his heart catch up to his thoughts of knowing that she is right. While waiting for this happen, he hears reports on the television posted on the wall in one of the waiting room, of more missing planes and communications in the Far East being severed. He turns around and moves closer to the television as if seeing the footage better up close would make him hear things clearer. After being in front of the television, he starts to concentrate hard on what is being said as they replayed the recorded moment of the INN news reporter being thrashed around in Sydney. The sight of this shocked him and his attention quickly grew to the background of the scene before the video footage was cut off suddenly.

In the background, before the footage was removed, he noticed the buildings crumbling like paper and people flying through the air like leaves. Obviously, this was not something that people around the world wanted or needed to see, but nevertheless it was real. As the news went on to other stories, especially about two more planes being reported missing, his heart felt like it was weighed with grief and anxiety. He began thinking to himself that he has to figure out what this storm is doing and could it be gaining strength as it moves along. Even with the recorded footage of the live broadcasting, he still didn’t see the storm as it is and what it looks like. All he knows is that the weather system is carrying strong winds and heavy power with enough force to make buildings and structures crumble with no effort. With this in mind he starts to make his way back to the office to share the information with his colleagues, but when he entered through the door he saw them all watching the news broadcast from another station.

December 31, 2099 @ 09:00hrs (EST)

Meanwhile, as the entire NOAA organization, along with the federal government, try to make sense of this storm that they understand little about, Brisbane, Papua New Guinea, Port Moresby and other Russian regions and towns are now under severe attack. The storm, which is now being dubbed “The Blackout Storm” by several news media and other weather experts, has hit these areas with tremendous amounts of force. Destruction and deaths skyrocketed like nothing ever before, and the police and military forces in the affected areas can do very little against this enemy, who can’t be stopped with even the strongest and highest military grade weapons. This area of the world affected and devastated the low-line populations, the poor, with such unforgiveness that those settlements would cease to exist. World history, millions and millions of years, was being wiped clean from the planet and this time it would appear that no salvage operation could put back together what was lost. Debris and mangled up bodies and body parts were being flung through the air and, if landed, would come to rest hundreds of miles away where linking the DNA would be impossible.

In the town of Kuala Lampur, Malaysia, a neighborhood market, owned by a family for generations, was in danger of being no more. Word did get back to them about this storm cell coming and sweeping the globe, but they began to think that other villagers and natives were embellishing the storm’s evil presence. The next event that happened would probably invade that thinking and cause them to call a truce on being naive. It was a family tradition to remain open late into the night the same week of New Year’s Day, so all the villagers and tourist could buy last-minute items for the impending celebration. During their late operation, the owners, a wife and husband, were in the back of the market organizing their sales for the day when they heard a loud and devastating crash in the main market area. They both looked at each other as if the other person would know what is happening before they went out to check it. The first thought of the husband was that he figured looters came into his store to steal things because they figured it was the end of days and prosecution was unlikely to happen.

When the husband came around to the front of the market, he saw a hole in the wooden roof, about ten feet in diameter, and things on the shelf, that was directly under the hole, skewed all over the floor. His wooden shelf, which he made from using his bare hands, was broken into several large pieces with coconut juices and sauces stained all over them. He yelled back to his wife, who came out cautiously, and saw the damage. She peeped up into the roof and saw the large hole now a permanent tattoo on the market. The husband slowly made his way through the merchandise of cans and broken glass jars all over the floor towards the broken portions of the shelf. As he began to remove everything and tell her that several glass jars of their famous coconut sauce was lost, he removed one of the large splintered shelves and screamed at the top of his lungs. His wife, yelled to him with her hands on each side of her face, ran to comfort him and at the same time to see what he had seen although she was terrified to do so. When she made her way over the same merchandise he had to maneuver through, she saw the objects he was terrified of seeing. The wife also released a yell that was heard in the nearby huts, which summoned all of the villagers to race to protect and defend their beloved market owners.

The first set of villagers that arrived, some using flashlights and old lanterns, saw the terrifying faces of the owners who pointed at the sight. Other responding villagers arrived and all shared the same horrible sight of seeing two mangled, bloody human heads, upper torso of a human body and the bottom torso of an animal, which appeared to be from a dog. Just as the villagers and the owners were trying to make sense of it all, the winds started to whip up, blowing the dirt and sandy streets into the air where it was inhaled by some. It was at this point that the villagers and city dwellers alike knew what was coming and that the fate of survival was minimal at best, but the only way to salvage their souls was to come to the throne of the Almighty in praying for a place in the Heavens.


(Next Blogsode – November 24, 2014)

Next on “Digital Realm” – The president of the United States makes his decision to fly back to Washington to guide the nation through this global ordeal; President Black and the Russian President talk about the future of the world; the FAA finally announces the true assessment of passenger flights missing.

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“DIGITAL REALM” (Blogsode V)

Blogsode 5/12 – Season 1

(Reading Rated: Mature Audience)

Plot: NOAA continues to struggle with breaking through the data blackout completely; a weather plane is sent out to gather data of the storm.

January 1, 2100 @ 00:00hrs (AEST) – Sydney, Australia

At the moment of eastern Australia entering into the 22nd century, it has just turned 08:00hrs, still December 31, 2099, on the eastern seaboard of the United States.  A global news agency, called the International News Network (INN) has, within the matter of an hour, now become the leader in breaking this news about the global weather cell blanketing the civilization above.  Just before the electric storm struck the island of Norfolk, the Australian government announced a state of emergency and activated their military forces, to work alongside the police bureaus, to safeguard the public.  The major problem that the government and news organizations, along with the celebrated drunk public, is that no one has an idea of what to expect from this impending storm.  Even when the last news reporter was killed on live television, in front of the entire world, still no one has seen this storm that is still alive.  With INN and other local news agencies gathering foot holes around the city of Sydney, to report on the high presence of police, military and party-going people, the strong winds from the incoming storm from the east start sweeping in.

The Royal Australian Navy still has ships posted out in the South Pacific just 400 miles out from the ports of Sydney.  Their primary job at the center of this incoming terror in the skies is to record the weather conditions and act as the precursor of how the Australian mainland will respond.  As the storm rolls in away from Norfolk Island, waves beneath the navy ships start flowing and roaring in ways that would nearly capsize them.  Just as the ocean waves start to gain height and strength, ponding on the sides of the ships, the amount of water penetrating over the sides, swept some of the men out into sea as if an arm came out of the sea and pulled them in.  In these conditions the ships are unable to escape the harsh reality and terror of what the raging seas are offering.  One captain tries to radio back to the mainland of what to expect when a piercing sound was heard that suddenly made him cut off his transmission.

The decibel of the sound, introducing itself before the storm was overhead, blew out eardrums of most men and caused immediate hearing damage, where some went completely deaf.  After the captain was rudely interrupted by the pending storm and trying to maintain his balance, while at the same time gather his mind around what is happening, a lightning strike is seen in the distance.  One shipmate was able to gain his balance against some of the equipment while looking out among the see with binoculars.  He spots another lightning strike and suddenly sees more and more in extreme quick session.  Astonished at what he just witnessed, he alerts his captain who then sounds the alarm for his men and other ships in the area to prepare for a collision.

Quicker than he realized the storm was on top of them with lightning strikes penetrating the seas around them, and close enough to burn out eyes of those not closing them or turning their heads.  As the storm sweeps east along the Pacific Ocean, the waves, which seemed to be the size of the Washington Monument, engulfed each naval ship stationed out from the Australian mainland.  Some of the naval ships literally split in half when waves bashed the once thought to be impenetrable outer layers.  When the damaged naval ships start taking on water, men are forced with a terrifying reality of either abandoning ship and risk your life in the harsh, hot spring like ocean or risk being trapped and drown in the fiery inferno once called a navy ship.  In the fear of being burned to death and drowning in mangled metal, most men jumped in the raging seas where some died instantly hitting the steaming surface and mutilating currents.

Military command, stationed just west and outside of Sydney, attempt numerous times to regain communication with any naval vessel stationed out in the Pacific.  After several minutes a debate arose to send an air reconnaissance plane to search and find their precious ships and hard working men.  By the time military heads agree on getting one out over the ocean to search for the missing naval vessels, the storm has now reached the shores of Sydney, Canberra, Honiara, which is northeastward of the Australian mainland, and the Solomon Islands.  All four locations were hit at one time, the same time, and no one could ever prepare of what was going to happen.  As the party-goers maintain foot holes in the streets throughout Sydney, winds suddenly struck and blew away anything that was not secured to the ground or heavy enough to only slide along the ground slowly.  The INN reporter, who was reporting from a location near the iconic symphony hall, could see the water, just several feet away, rock with vengeance and an attitude like a massive sea monster was ready to jump out and pounce.

The national awarded Australian reporter struggles to maintain her balance and stay in front of the cameraman, who is also seriously struggling with the bashing, relentless winds.  It would be another few minutes before the water, just feet away from her, would begin to thrash over the concrete barrier and sidewalks.  All the party-goers at this point didn’t take the storm seriously still until one person was struck with lightning, which radiated several more arms of devastating lightning to others.  This sight alone was enough for most people to now duck and run for cover, but that seek for shelter and safety would be useless at best.  While streaking over the skies across the Pacific Ocean, the storm had gained enormous strength and was now more deadly than it was while over Norfolk Island.  The general public in and around Sydney, and certain parts of the world, could see on live television of what the storm was offering to the Australians.  During one statement from the INN reporter, near the Sydney Symphony Hall, it was witnessed on live camera the roof flying off and being propelled into the sky never to be seen again.  Once the roof flew off and became a deadly weapon of the winds, the remaining structure of the hall just started to crumble like paper being shredded by millions of micro-teeth.

The main purpose of the military and police was to shuffle the public into safe areas where they could wait out the storm of terror.  However, that mission would go by the waist-side where the public safety and defense structures would quickly collapse.  Blood curling screams and the sight and sounds of people running ran terrifying chills through any still watching through the satellite feed.  By this time no words could be heard from the reporter, but the sight of her being swept up in the air and her body ripping apart was enough for others to see.  Seconds later the cameraman went flying through the air with satellite feed still live, and made others, who were still watching, physically sick from what they’ve witnessed and the sudden live feed being flipped around unable to know which was up and down.  The sound, which was captured by the microphone on the camera, was nearly ear piercing for those listening by television and radio.  Then the live feed went dead and only a snow screen was visible for all viewers.  High value structures and monuments located in other locations being struck by this most intense storm in global history are just being destroyed like Lego structures being crushed by toddler feet.  Waves and waves, as high as the highest building in the world, now pounds the shoreline of Australia and proceeds inland washing and wiping anything still standing and flooding underground storm shelters where most people hid.

December 31, 2099 @ 08:15hrs (EST) – Bethesda, Maryland

Back at the NOAA satellite office, Jeremy and Michelle, after working very hard on the data that they are able to collect, are not exactly sure why the storm isn’t moving eastward toward Hawaii and the continental United States.  At this point that knowledge becomes a moot point to the rest of the world as the last televised motion of the storm was seen by global viewers, and struck terror in the hearts.  The first city to report of civil unrest, due to the impending storm, was Tokyo, Japan, which became the world’s technology capital of the world years earlier.  As Jeremy and Michelle evolve themselves into this enigma, Jeremy’s cell phone rings from across the office.  He hears his phone ringing and rushes out of his chair and darts across the room to retrieve it from an empty desk.  He answers it seeing that it is his wife calling.

JEREMY TIMMS: Hi honey! What’s up?

MRS. TIMMS: Jeremy? I heard the news.  I’ve been watching and listening to the news all morning.  Jalisa has been asking me when is daddy coming home.  I don’t know exactly what to tell her.

JEREMY TIMMS: (Sighs.  Then walks outside the office for a more private conversation) I’m sorry honey, but I’m stuck here at work trying to figure this thing out.  I know I promised her breakfast with me, but I’m not going to be able to keep that promise with her.  That’s hard enough.

MRS. TIMMS: (Sighs in response to his statement) Can you tell me exactly what is going on?  I think I’m getting the watered down version of this storm sweeping across the Pacific.

JEREMY TIMMS: I don’t know how much I can tell you without getting in trouble, but basically (looking over his shoulder for anyone listening and lowers his voice) this storm is creating a data blackout across the entire atmosphere as it moves west. 

MRS. TIMMS: (Lowers her voice in response) Oh my God! Jeremy! How soon until that storm reaches here?

JEREMY TIMMS: It could be anywhere between 16 to 17 hours from now.  We can’t even obtain the seriousness of the storm, except what is being reported by the news.

MRS. TIMMS: Can we expect the same kind of destruction we saw on live television about twenty minutes ago?

JEREMY TIMMS: You saw what?!

MRS. TIMMS: Shit! Oh my God Jeremy! It was on live television.  A reporter in Sydney was near the opera house when the storm came in and pulled her into the air.  It looked like it just tore her apart.

JEREMY TIMMS: Fuck!  That was on live television? (Starts pacing the hallway) Where was it again?

MRS. TIMMS: Sydney, Australia.  Maybe a few seconds later the cameraman was swept up in it and then the satellite feed disappeared.

JEREMY TIMMS: Shit!  So this storm is moving pretty fast.  Listen, umm..if this storm reaches within twelve hours of reaching the coastline, I want you and Jalisa out of there and head into West Virginia. 

MRS. TIMMS: Will you meet us there or are we going together?

JEREMY TIMMS: I can only hope that I can meet you there if we can’t get a handle on this storm.  We haven’t even seen physical evidence of this storm, but from what we here things are getting worse out there.  Passenger planes are missing and I can only imagine what else.  I just want you and Jalisa to head out of there when the time is right.

MRS. TIMMS: I’ll start packing things this afternoon to get ready.  I’ll grab our emergency kit and bring it with us. (Pauses) I love you honey.

JEREMY TIMMS: I love you too sweetie.  Buh-bye!

For a few minutes after speaking to his wife, Jeremy leans up against the wall next to him and closes his eyes.  He stands there with thoughts of what is happening and what could happen, which brings slight worry for his family and friends around the area.  Jeremy finally starts to gain his thoughts back on his job and make his way back to the office.  He enters through the door and sees Michelle on the floor lying on her back.  The sight of Michelle on the floor stuns him at first and makes him stop cold in his tracks before breaking out of his staring trance to rush over to help her.  Someone on her crew, walking around some equipment, sees her on the floor and rushes over with Jeremy to check on her.  Both men start yelling her name to her as they check her pulse, which relieved great worry when they felt she still had one.  James, who was out getting breakfast from the basement cafeteria, comes back into the office and finds Jeremy and Rodney helping Michelle back into her leather chair.

JAMES GREEN: (Holding a closed Styrofoam tray) what the hell happen here!?

JEREMY TIMMS: I have no clue.  I just walked back in from outside and saw her on the floor.

JAMES GREEN: Where is her purse?

RODNEY JOHNSON: Over there by the mechanical room door.

JAMES GREEN: (Puts down his tray and walks over to grab her purse.  Brings her purse back over near them and starts going through it.)

JEREMY TIMMS: (Distracted from trying to get her attention when he hears James going through her purse.) What the hell are you doing?  You going through her purse?  What the hell are you looking for?

JAMES GREEN: (Stops and looks up at Jeremy with a non-emotional expression and pulls out Michelle’s glucose tablets.)  She suffers from low blood sugar, Jeremy.  Put this in her mouth and let it dissolve.  She will wake up and we monitor her.

JEREMY TIMMS: (Surprised that he would know that about Michelle and shows his confusion through his expression.)  I don’t know how you would know this, but I’ll do it.

After giving Michelle her glucose tablet, within a minute of it dissolving in her mouth she started to stir by moving her hands and giving out a slight moan.  A minute later, her eyes start opening up with her brain confused as to where she was and what had happened.  Jeremy takes a few steps toward her and says her name by following up with a question of how she is feeling.  Michelle finally answers with a groggy sounded voice and her body still relaxed in her leather chair.

MICHELLE WHITE: What happened?

JAMES GREEN: Your blood sugar was low.  You passed out and didn’t tell anyone that you didn’t eat this morning.  I have some pancakes and bacon in this container.  Eat it and I will go and find something else.  (Turns around and walks out the door.)

Jeremy turns and watches James walk out through the door.  He tells Rodney to make sure she eats and doesn’t pass out again.  He goes out the door and runs down the hall, cutting off the path of James heading back to the cafeteria.

JEREMY TIMMS: How did you know she suffers from being hypoglycemic?

JAMES GREEN: (Sighs heavily and looks at Jeremy in the eyes.) If you really must know, I used to be very close to her.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen her do that here and at home.  When she gets stressed out, she doesn’t eat and can easily allow her sugar levels to drop to deadly levels.

JEREMY TIMMS: (Looks at James with an expression as if he got the message between the lines.) The relationship between you and Michelle is probably none of my business, but things like that, so personal, should be relayed to me.

JAMES GREEN: Listen, Jeremy, if you want to have an affair with Michelle behind your wife’s back is your business.  Knowing the little things about her personal life is for you to find out. 

JEREMY TIMMS: Just to let you know nothing has started between her and I.  Also going through her purse like that in front of others looks a little suspicious in my book.

JAMES GREEN: Now you know about her medical condition, which is not something she likes to talk about.  Another thing is that right now we have a bigger fish to fry then worrying about how to get between her thighs.  Don’t let this cloud your judgment in doing your job to get ahead of this thing.  Now, if you don’t mind I’m hungry and need to get some food.  You wanna join me?

JEREMY TIMMS: (Looks at the door back to the office before looking at James and giving his answer.) Sure.  I’ll join you.

December 31, 2099 @ 08:30hrs (EST) – Somewhere over the Pacific

A weather plane, which was launched from Pearl Harbor, is on route towards the storm heading southwest towards Norfolk Island.  Just minutes into the flight, the crew began to experience heavy turbulence and digital instruments struggling to keep up. Just like the passenger plane, North American Airlines, which flew over the Bering Strait, the weather plane suddenly, hit heavy cloud cover and unnerving air pockets.  As the pilot, and the crew, pushed on through the cloud cover, electronics on board to read the storm and follow navigation went dead.  At this specific time, the pilot and co-pilot are forced to fly it manually, using red light to read navigational maps in the dark.  Without warning, the pilot and co-pilot come out of the heavy cloud cover and spot this massive black cloud, that is darker than night itself, reaching from the ocean surface to the highest of the atmosphere.  Quickly, one of the crew members takes a handheld camera and takes pictures of the storm as they approach.

With pure luck and jet streams at their back, the weather plane enters the black cloud not knowing what is behind the wall of the cloud.  Once through the thick, violent turbulent cloud wall, what they witness is something that they will not be allowed to relay to other humans on the ground.  A bright light, that of brighter than the sun, is shined directly at them blinding them and lighting up the entire cabin of the plane.  The screams of the crew were silenced when they opened up their terrified mouth in reaction to what they saw.  Weather data would not return from the satellite feeds of the plane, and the pilot and his crew would never be seen again.


(Next Blogsode (VI) – November 10, 2014)

Next on “Digital Realm” – Australia suffers the worst natural disaster in history, more bad news reaches the president of the United States, which makes national security a top priority.

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(Reading Rated: Mature Audience)

Plot: The island of Norfolk is devastated by the enormous electric storm that continues to flow westward; NOAA begins to plot out possible timelines for the remaining areas to be covered by this data blackout.

January 1, 2100 @ 00:00hrs (NFT) Norfolk Island Time

The enormous electrical storm, known to NOAA as a data blackout, is continuing to make its way across the skies penetrating the celebratory moods of the islanders bringing in the New Year.  Norfolk Island, a territory of Australia and approximately 877 miles due east, will be no exception to this party pooper.  By this time the black clouds have risen higher into the atmosphere, to where no passenger airplane can safely fly above it and low enough where any aircraft attempting to maneuver through it would ultimately be committing suicide.  Back in the United States, it is still the beginning of the day and for most of Americans on the east coast they are getting caught up on the news that happened the night before.  It is about 07:30hrs and at this point most media outlets are reporting on the weather and what the forecast will be for the rest of the day and for the week.  This was the time that experts at NOAA, located in the Bethesda satellite office, were afraid of happening.  It was however an illusion to think that they could keep this from the public before they were ready too.  Obviously, now that the main media outlets and its affiliates are reporting on the weather, they have no choice but to report it and hope mass panic doesn’t settle in.

As NOAA attempts to jump in front of the media outlets to inform them of the blackout satellite feeds they are receiving, the islanders and tourist on Norfolk are starting to experience horror to no degree.  The winds that came upon the island, like several thousand wind tunnel fans blowing, just threw people around like gum wrappers being manipulated in the air by passing vehicles.  Building structures, old and new, are no match for the extreme high velocity winds and immediate blinding of the ferocious lightning strikes.  The sounds of thunder, that immediately follow the lightning strikes, are so loud and piercing that anyone still alive and suffering from this ordeal is immediately deaf and blind from the nuclear type brightness of the lightning.  One news reporter, from the mainland of Australia, is at the island.  The reporter was assigned to the island to report a story about the new millennium and what it means for the residences.  Majority of the viewers at home, such as people in Sydney, were suddenly shocked and surprised when things on television got mind-boggling.

Just before the news crew lost signal and went off the air for good, one anchor, who was sitting at his desk at the main station in Sydney, witnessed, along with millions of other viewers, a large brown object fly pass her head at a high rate of speed.  After the news reporter yelled out “OH MY GOD!” a human body was thrown towards the back of her striking her with such force that her head snapped back, as if they had witnessed it come off, and her hitting the cameraman.  While the media and rest of the world is blind to what is happening on Norfolk Island, for the first time tornados began to form and ravaged the landscape, creating tractor-trailer size potholes and their most precious native symbol, the pine, was no more.  Tremendous amounts of lightning strikes, which showed a ratio of about one every five seconds, sparked wildfires, structural fires and for some people they exploded on contact.  Others that were fortunate, not to explode, were struck by lightning and just went into severe convulsions that if witnessed, you would have thought the person had broken every bone in their body.

Majority of the islanders, who were listed under the island religious category as Christians, were one-hundred percent convinced that this raging, global wide storm was the prelude to the second coming of Jesus Christ.  This horrible, terror of the minds and soul planted seeds that God was angry at the world and that He has had enough of mankind.  The population of the island was just over one-thousand, but that number has now sunk to less than fifty and majority of those people were injured.  Meanwhile, in Sydney, the news station, that just witnessed one of their reporters get killed on live television, scramble in trying to make sense of it all.  Viewers continue to call in and nearly jam the phone lines for incoming and outbound calls.  Australians, who had relatives and friends on the island, frantically try to call them, but was met with either no one answering the phones or just the sound of white noise in their ear.  Unknown to the residences of Sydney they will face the same ferocious storm that their easterly neighbor just received and continue to receive.

December 31, 2099 @ 0735hrs (EST) – Washington, D.C.

As the morning progresses over the nation’s capital, the morning air is filled with unlikely humidity and made the morning traveler consume bottles of water, and make numerous pit stops before reaching their destination.  The NOAA headquarters, located in their new state of the art building in downtown, is trying to make sense of this data blackout.  With local and national media outlets calling in trying to confirm this data blackout theory, which keeps being broadcasted by the NOAA satellite office on the meteorologists’ electronic devices.  Some meteorologists were interrupted during their weather forecasting on live television to be given updated information about the storm in the Pacific and why, on all their satellite feeds, it shows a blackout of the map miles west and south of Hawaii.

While some of the less experienced meteorologist struggle in trying to make sense of this new incoming data, the senior meteorologist in the most popular and mainstream media outlets relayed the information to the public.  Within the hour radio stations began to interview meteorologist and asking detail questions to find out more about the data blackout.  Although at this time, no specific data has been collected, it is NOAA’s best guess that this is a massive storm that is pushing its way across the Pacific towards the Asian continent and the country of Australia.  As media outlets around the country start to gather more information from NOAA about this data blackout, Michael Watson is trying to make his way to his office in downtown.  Of course, on this day traffic is worse than it has ever been in recent years and with regularly scheduled programming on the radio and televisions is being interrupted, that raises slight curiosity in everyone everywhere.

While stuck in traffic and just entering the city, Michael picks up his cell phone from the passenger seat and calls James.

MICHAEL WATSON: Hello?! James?!


MICHAEL WATSON: Can you hear me? Any update?

JAMES GREEN: I can barely hear you.  Let me step outside for a minute. (He tells Michele and Jeremy that he will step outside to speak to Michael)

JAMES GREEN: (Once outside he continues his phone conversation) Michael can you hear me now?

MICHAEL WATSON: Yeah I can hear you.  Listen.  Any update on the data blackout?  I think the experts at the office have released the information to the media.  It’s all over the radio and probably all over the television.

JAMES GREEN: Were hearing the same information on our satellite radio in the office.  Where are you?

MICHAEL WATSON: (Trying to talk over car horns honking) I’m stuck in traffic and only a few blocks away from the office.  Traffic is at a standstill right now and I can’t see what’s happening.

JAMES GREEN: (Stays silent on the phone for a few seconds before continuing) I’m afraid this might be the beginning of a panic by the public of what is taking place over the Pacific. But…(gets interrupted when Michele runs out and calls in James to hear the satellite news)

He tells Michael to hold on and a rush back inside the building behind Michele and directs him to listen to the news reports.  She instructs Jeremy to turn up the volume so James can hear it clearly.

NEWS VOICE OVER: We have a Special News Report from the INN news desk in Brussels.  Here is Cindy Moore.

CINDY MOORE: Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening.  I’m Cindy Moore reporting for International News Network.  We have a few reports to share with you that have just come over the wire within the last hour.  First I start with what weather experts are calling a data blackout over the Pacific Ocean.  It is believed that the blackout that has been showing up on satellite feeds throughout the world, focus over the Pacific Ocean, maybe a massive storm that stretches from the region of Siberia to the south as far as Wellington, New Zealand and beyond.  Experts say that this type of phenomenon has them spooked and confused about what is happening and that it is possibly the result of the massive global shift we’ve been experiencing for years.  International cooperation between several nations has been talked about to gain more information about this data blackout.  Our next topic is about two passenger airliners that have gone missing with one east of the Siberian region and the other somewhere over the Pacific between Hawaii and Australia.  Weather experts believe that that data blackout, which they highly suspect is a massive storm, could be to blame for the missing airliners.  Next on our list….(Jeremy turns down the volume and looks back at James)

JEREMY TIMMS: James?  What do we do now?  It’s all over the news and has already gone global.

JAMES GREEN: (Still hearing the news report in the background) I don’t know Jeremy.  I’ll be right back. (Steps back outside to finish the conversation with Michael)

MICHAEL WATSON: James?  I heard the news report.  This has really up the ante.

JAMES GREEN: Anything you want us to continue with?

MICHAEL WATSON: Keep doing what you are doing and what you can.  I trust in you and your staff to stay on top of this thing.  It’s not going to go away anytime soon.  I recommend you establish a schedule for you and your team so no one falls behind on this thing.

JAMES GREEN: We do have one update for you to share with others at the office that no one has reported on yet.

MICHAEL WATSON: What’s that?

JAMES GREEN: The data blackout is moving at a pace that whatever location hits midnight, the storm strikes.  I calculated that the storm will hit the eastern United States in less than 18 hours.

MICHAEL WATSON: Oh my God!! Shit!! You sure?

JAMES GREEN: Even though we still can’t maintain data collection on the storm itself, we were able to use a complicated formula to figure that out.  The water surface is rising and continuing to rise.  Dead fish is washing up shore in Hawaii and I’m sure in other places.  The president verified the dead fish scenario.

MICHAEL WATSON: Oh dear!! When I get to the office I will relay that information to my bosses.  Makes sure you are right and have the information to back it up.  Traffic is finally moving for now.  I’ll get in contact with you as soon as I can from the office.

JAMES GREEN: I’ll talk to you later Michael.

December 31, 2099 @ 01:50hrs (HAST) – Hawaii Presidential Vacationing Zone

President Black is standing in the living room, looking out the window watching the pine trees bend with the wind and nearly parallel to ground.  As he continues to watch the outskirts of this storm throw winds against the side of their bungalow, which sounds like boulders hitting the siding, his thoughts are interrupted by a phone call on the satellite phone.

SECRET SERVICE AGENT #1: Mr. President? I have a James Green on the line for you.

PRESIDENT BLACK: (Breaks his mental concentration and turns around to face the secret service agent.  Reaches for the phone and takes it from him.) Mr. Green.  I’m guessing you have updated news for me.

JAMES GREEN: Yes Mr. President.  We believe that the next cities to be hit by this storm will be Sydney, Canberra, Honiara and the Solomon Islands.  This is to happen at exactly midnight local time, 08:00hrs here in D.C. 

PRESIDENT BLACK: Oh my God!! How fast is this thing moving?  Can you tell me that besides that it will reach our shores in 18 hours?

JAMES GREEN: At this time Mr. President I can’t tell you anymore than that.  However, two passenger airliners have gone missing within the last hour.  That was reported several minutes ago by INN.

PRESIDENT BLACK: What?! No trace of them whatsoever?

JAMES GREEN: They are no traces of the airliners.  One was last known to be over Siberia and the other one between Australia and Hawaii.  It is best believed that the storm has something to do with the planes missing.

PRESIDENT BLACK: James? This definitely adds to the ante with a nuclear submarine missing as well.  I still can’t fly out of here yet due to the weather and crosswinds.  It’s too risky.  I will have to monitor from here for now.  Keep me posted and I want to know updates on what is happening.

JAMES GREEN: Yes Mr. President.  I’ll talk to you very soon.

James head back into the building and pulls Michelle and Jeremy to the side while others are working. 

JAMES GREEN: Jeremy? Michelle? I just got off the phone with the president and we have his full support in our efforts.  We need to work very hard in trying to get in front of this storm and warn others as it move along.

MICHELLE WHITE: How do you want us to proceed with that?

JAMES GREEN: Easy.  Contact the weather stations in Australia, Japan and South Korea for what might coming.  Things are getting expensive for information and knowledge of what is to come.  We need to find out what other areas are going to be hit and do our best warn people and hope they listen.  The world is counting on us.  Okay? Let’s get this done!!


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Next on “Digital Realm” – More cities and areas have fallen victims to the storm, but conditions are worsening; the worst fears of this storm have come true; more lives are lost.

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