HELLO!  I first want to say thank you for stopping by my blog today!  I hope while you are here browsing around that you find interesting stories and topics that make you keep coming  back for more.  With all kinds of different blogs and topics out there on the internet nowadays, you have to search sometimes hard and long for what you are looking for.  Although this blog site is mostly made of up fictional stories for your reading pleasure, I also write articles on realistic things that happen in my life and what I see.  Some things I see and write about are a mixture of seriousness and comical situations, but all in all I hope to keep you coming back for more and build a constant fan base.

To give you a little bit about myself, I would like to start that I am currently a law enforcement officer in Maryland with a strong passion to write fictional stories.  I was born in Washington, D.C. and lived in this area basically all my life, but have traveled to other places and lived in other areas for a short while.  I’ve been in this field for over a decade now and although this is my main career field, I always want to have a back up career just in case the worse happens to where I can’t be a police officer anymore.  My passion to write stories that were intriguing and very unique started when I was probably in my early years in high school.  I wrote a one page story about a man stranded in the Sahara Desert who was later rescued in dramatic fashion.  A few days later I received a A+ on the assignment and from that point on that gave me the passion and idea of writing stories to entertain others and bring a satisfaction and joyfulness to myself.

It took me years to get to where I am today, but obviously it wasn’t with alot of struggle and criticism.  I have learned in pursuing this writing career, which is my second career at this time, will bring plenty of positive feedback, but also critiques and pointers from others who either know what they are talking about or just to keep you from succeeding.  Trust me, I am not living in a fantasy world where I know each story I write will be liked by every person that reads them.  The only thing I ask is that you inform me of your dislike of a story in a respectful and dignified manner to where it can be received in a positive light.  I don’t believe bashing down someone who is trying to make it on the “big stage” and expect them to take it lightly and not whole-heartedly.

When my very first publicized story “Trenton Terror” made it in the Washington Post in 2011 or 2012, I was absolutely thrilled and excited.  That gave me the power and strength to continue with my writing career and also solidified my skills to the point where I am now ready for the next stage.  I have so many ideas and stories written down that I have to take time in organizing them to make them sound like some sense once I write it.  My military service in the U.S. Army as a military policeman has definitely offered me some ideas on writing my personal accounts from the time I was yanked out of the police academy to serve in time of war in Afghanistan, and then returned ten months later.  That in itself was a huge struggle because of the constant looking over your shoulder way of living to the not so much stressful way of living here even though wearing the uniform and badge is a target in itself.

I do plan on writing a story or novel about my accounts of how I was able to leave my homeland, split away from the police academy in the final week before graduation, to serve in the sandbox in Afghanistan, and then returned back home a different human  being.  Even though I returned back home back in 2004, it takes time to be okay with what you saw and experienced before you can write it down.  I might not remember everything that happened in chronological order, but hopefully I can recall alot of the important events.  Even though we did get attacked on a regular basis, which none of the rockets landed inside our compound, the environment was the worse enemy of all.  Till this day I am still somewhat paying for being exposed to that nasty, fecal matter air and water elements years later.  I always tell people to be happy and thankful for what you have because living in poor of a country for nearly a year was not fun, but at the same time welcomed the experience.

After serving my eight years in the military, I went full steam ahead into my police career, which offered its own stressful situations and comical moments.  I would definitely say that being in the military and serving overseas in a war-torn country definitely helped me grow more mature and see things in a different light.  I can be labeled as the nicest cop or a mediocre cop, depending on who you ask, but either way I get the job done and don’t believe that every person I come across should be locked up just for the hell of it.  I have gotten more responses and thank you from people that I treat with respect and understanding, then just to be that cop who yells and blows you off all the time.  Don’t get me wrong, it is times that requires me to do that, but I rather not be that ass unless you force me in that situation.  Most of the time how you act will determine which way I will go with that scene and what happens to you.

With all that has happened in my life I believe I have enough to write about, but with fictional ideas and thoughts going through my head in rapid fashion the non-fictional stories will be here and there.  It took me years to lock down a particular topic of fictional stories to write, but it would appear that I have gravitated towards the horror, science fiction type stories.  I will take a real life situation and turn it into a fictional account and not afraid to do research on certain subjects to add more realism to the story as well.  I believe a good balance of fictional and realism meshing well in a story will offer good responses and practically build your fan base for more and more to come back and read other stories that you have posted or published.  I know that I am not that far from being published by a major or small publishing company after having my story posted in the Washington Post.  After my first story is finished and turned in, I hope to  be published within the following year and once that happens I know I am on my way to the next level!  So exciting!!

However, I must take it one story, one sentence, and one idea at a time and keep building and building on that until I get to my first goal of being published.  Then my next goal would be to be the number one seller on the New York Times list.  I estimate by the time this happens I will be halfway or closer to retirement in my law enforcement career, but if it happens way before that I won’t complain one bit.  So hopefully I can have you as a supporter and an advent reader of my fictional, and sometimes non-fictional stories, and spread the word on a new and upcoming author on the stage.  Once again I would like to thank you for stopping by and feel free to browse around and find new reading material for your daily or weekly routine.


D. Franklin, Jr.

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“SHOOTING STAR” – (Sci-Fi – Chapter 7)

January 9, 2019 @ 12:00pm – Italy

Chapter 7

Three days ago President Dixon has learned the complete truth about the incoming asteroids on a collision course with earth in the spring.  Although he is contemplating exposing the truth to the American public about the news he learned, he is trying to stick with his vow of not telling the media of what he has learned until he has definite proof of where they will land.  Even though his chief of staff has attempted half-heartedly to expose the truth himself, he reluctantly stopped his efforts to save his own ass and not to embarrass the White House.  Since he knows that the president knows everything about the incoming asteroids, he is hoping that his boss will do the right thing to inform the American media.  In the past three days, however, the president has done his best to put the news behind him as he continues to meet with leaders around the world, in Brussels, about the situation between Iran and Afghanistan.

Iran’s allies, Russia and Syria, have continued to put up a fight by trying to block or derail any U.N. resolution towards the conflict.  It had been years since the last economic sanctions against Iran were lifted for attempting to create a nuclear bomb under the International Community’s noses.  Now they are being attacked, politically, from other nations on their military actions to resolve the conflict.  In the midst of the cease fire both Iran and Afghanistan have continued to keep a strong military presence in the region.  The nation caught in the middle, Iraq, is also to blame for allowing the Iranian military to use its land to conduct such military action.  For weeks this conflict in the region had many nations in the Middle East extremely nervous and infiltrated the news market.  Military bases in south and eastern regions of Afghanistan were on high alert for any Iranian movement towards them, but have now, for the moment, ordered to stand down.

Surprisingly no attacks were perpetrated on Israel during the fighting, but that didn’t stop the Israeli’s from being on guard for anything.  While the president is trying his best to resolve the issues that has caused both nations to come to military arms, many terrorist cells within the United States start to put their plan into motion.  Knowing that the U.S. government and its intelligence agencies are listening to their conversations and could possibly be reading their emails, they begin to contact each other by postal mail.  One of the terror cells in Minneapolis, Minnesota receives his first letter via postal mail from his operations coordinator in Philadelphia.  Once he received his letter with the instructions written on it, he then contacted the American Posse.

One of the members of the American Posse received a text message with only one number sent, “1”.  The number 1 resembled the first part of the major plan to knock out the power and damage many electrical signals across the Western Hemisphere.  This type of attack has never been attempted before and with the gross amount of work needed to complete such task, everything needs to be in place perfectly.  After the text message was received, the next step is to forward the message to other cells in both North and South America.  Infiltration into the governments in South America were not has hard as it has been to plant insiders within the United States government.  Since the plot has been in motion, everyone involved has also been keeping an eye on the news.  Up until now nothing has been reported about any plot against the United States or any other nation in the affected areas.

The biggest part of the plot was a debate of how to carry out the attack against both continents.  The main player of the plot, American Posse, has decided on two possible methods of either sending out a massive virus within the cyber world or setting off several EMP’s to permanently shut down the cyber world and any electrical device.  With the group divided on the issue, they decided several months ago to plan for both and to see which one is more plausible.  Right now at this current stage in the plot, they have no idea of the incoming asteroids on a collision course with earth since it hasn’t been released to the public yet.  Although the plan calls for two possible scenarios of attack, the entire mission is not set to be in motion until the summer or fall of 2014.  In the meantime the F.B.I. is struggling to investigate the vague plot that is currently in play.  While the clues on the case start to go cold, they begin to search for other possible leads by going through other known terrorist on the list that was compiled days after 9/11.

One possible name comes up on the list of a domestic terrorist from the United States.  Joyce Turnbull, an Italian-American, 30 years of age, and a former intelligence specialist of the Italian military.  In 2010, Joyce was part of a domestic plot to assassinate the Egyptian ambassador, who was in Italy to meet with many of the European leaders to discuss security issues within the North African region.  The mission was to eliminate the Egyptian ambassador and his immediate staff to disrupt and derail the talks with European leaders trying to resolve the border dispute with Egypt’s neighbors.  Other European nations hold many interests within the borders of Egypt and Libya, which the most tension was between those two nations.  Joyce was hired by a rebellion organization that operated in both Egypt and Lebanon.  No one knows exactly when and how she turned against the good of the people, but it was known that she believed their cause for collateral damage was necessary to eliminate the threat.

However, the plot was intercepted by a German intelligence agency six hours prior to the Egyptian ambassador landing in Italy.  All the players in the plot to assassinate the ambassador were in place, which was the hardest part for the intelligence to figure out.  The plot was intended for the Egyptian ambassador to be attacked during his escort to the meeting.  Somehow during the escort the plan went wrong and some of the players attempted to abort while others attempted to carry out the hit.  After a shootout in the streets of Rome, which involved four dead terrorists, six severely wounded security agents and four dead civilians, the remaining players attempted to flee.  Lady luck was on the side of the Italian authorities as they caught all members of the hit fleeing the scene.  Joyce was the hardest one to catch as her training in special tactics and advanced martial arts kept her from being caught for several minutes.  Italian police lost half a dozen officers who got to close when trying to apprehend her.  Two of the six dead suffered broken necks, two other officers had ribs broken where their lungs got punctured and suffocated, one officer bled to death when he was stabbed several times with two knife wounds punctured the femoral artery and the sixth one was shot several times with his own weapon.

She was finally caught in a hotel lobby where she was shot twice before being apprehended.  Now still serving in the Italian prison system for a term of fifty years, the F.B.I. contacted the Italian prison authorities to ask for permission to speak to Joyce.  After a few hours they were granted permission to interrogate Joyce, but at least one Italian officer had to be in the room.  Once that was agreed upon by the F.B.I., the interrogation was scheduled just twenty-four hours later, for today.

An Italian officer brings Joyce into the interrogation room where F.B.I. Special Agent Hopkins and Carter are waiting.  She enters the room and is very surprised to see two official looking people in suits looking at her.  Agent Hopkins looks at Joyce and notices that she looks of sleepless and careless individual.  Hopkins looks at her hair, which is going all over the place on her head, her sleepy eyes and her pale skin.  After Hopkins seemed satisfied about what she saw of Joyce, she then began the interview.

AGENT HOPKINS:  Joyce?  I’m Special Agent Hopkins and this is Special Agent Carter.  We’re from the F.B.I.

JOYCE TURNBULL:  (Currently sitting sideways in her chair before turning her head towards them.  She lets out a small chuckle.)

AGENT HOPKINS:  (Stares at the side of Joyce’s head before proceeding.)  We need to talk to you about a terrorist plot being planned.  We don’t have a lot of time to waste, so I would like to get started.

JOYCE TURNBULL:  (Continues to sit sideways with her head facing the wall directly in front of her.)

AGENT HOPKINS:  (Turns her head towards her partner for a few seconds before refocusing on Joyce.)  I would like for you to talk to us Ms. Turnbull.

JOYCE TURNBULL:  (Continues to face the wall directly in front of her before responding.)  Joyce.  Call me Joyce.  Saying Ms. Turnbull makes me feel old and inadequate.  (Chuckles after that statement).  Inadequate?  Wow! I’m worrying about being inadequate when I’m sitting here in prison for the next forty years.  (Turns towards Carter and Hopkins.)  You know I haven’t had a dick in years?  I used to be a sex addict and majority of the times I had a man either on top of me or he was standing in front of me with me at his waist. (Chuckles again and crosses her legs.)  Now I’m around a bunch of women, nasty as bitches who can’t clean up after themselves and try to satisfy each other with objects that aren’t meant to be used in such profane way.  I don’t know how I lasted this long, but I tell you the first few years was a culture shock and withdrawal period.  Now I have to satisfy myself in other ways I never thought would be possible.  Amazing what a human can do when they are stuck behind walls and bars for years and years.

AGENT HOPKINS:  (Sitting there shocked at what she heard before responding.)  Joyce?

JOYCE TURNBULL:  Yes? (Brief pause). Oh yeah that’s right!  You want to talk to me about a terrorist plot being planned.  You have to fill me in since I’ve been out of the loop for several years.

AGENT HOPKINS:  All we know is that a major terror plot is being planned in the United States and our case has been halted.

JOYCE TURNBULL:  Okay.  How is that my problem?  Why is this being brought to me?

AGENT HOPKINS:  You was formerly an intelligence officer of the Italian military before turning and being apprehended.  You are also known to have created unique ways to gather intelligence from unusual sources.

JOYCE TURNBULL:  (Slight pause) Oh so you want to know how I did it and so you can copy that same tactic, right?  (Stares at Hopkins in the eyes) If I agreed to that what would I get out of the deal?  A reduced prison sentence?  Probation? (Chuckles).

AGENT HOPKINS:  (Sighs) If you cooperate with us and show us what you know and we become successful in catching these cells, then you may miraculously be released on good behavior.  If we are successful in catching them.

JOYCE TURNBULL:  (Smiles) okay.  I was convicted of killing six Italian police officers, injuring a dozen others with one officer still not able to use his dick properly.  I hear he can barely last one minute without pain and blood in his semen.  How do you expect me to believe that you can get me out?

AGENT HOPKINS:  I have the signed agreement from the prison warden to make that happen.

JOYCE TURNBULL:  How soon do you need me to answer that question?

AGENT HOPKINS:  We’re here until noon tomorrow.  You have until ten a.m. tomorrow to give us an answer.  Just tell the guard and the word will get back us.  (Smiles before her and her partner got up leaving the room).

Joyce sits there confused at what just happened, but is already contemplating the deal with the F.B.I.  She’s returned to her cell where she will remain until tomorrow morning.


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“SHOOTING STAR” (Sci-Fi – Chapter 6)


January 6, 2019 @ 8:00pm

The United States, along with the rest of the world that celebrate the Gregorian calendar method, has brought in the new year with little to no issues.  However, that doesn’t mean that plots and planning stages of attacks against the U.S. and its allies have not stopped or cease just because of a blessed new year.  The new year brought more instinctive chatter between unlikely organizations and groups that brought more concern for the American politicians.  The president, as well as millions of Americans have made resolutions for the new year, but things inside the government are about to increase with tension.  The J.T.T.F. of the F.B.I. is continuing its investigation of a possible threat that seems to bring more fear and uncertainty.  Several months into the investigation Homeland Security and agents from the NSA have joined together to form a new task force to stop a devastating attack.

Although the secret of an incoming asteroid towards earth has not yet been released to the public, increased military maneuvers in the Atlantic and Pacific have brought some questions towards the current U.S. administration from the press.  In a few meetings with the media, the White House Press Secretary, Jennifer Pointe, has reassured the American public and its friends around the world that there is no current threat against the United States and its borders.  Those press conferences couldn’t have been filled with more bullshit, but with no information to dispute her statements the media had to take her word for it.  Increased air patrols of the United States Air Force over major cities were also being reported, but again the public fear was reassured by another press conference.

The last known major conflict from the previous year, between the Iranian military and the Afghanistan government, began to quiet down as the year came to a close.  A cease fire agreement was made between Tehran and Kabul, but both militaries remained on high alert and ready for each side to make the wrong move.  The only good thing about the conflict between Iran and Afghanistan was that it derailed any other attacks that terrorists might have had planned.  Several thousand fighters from Central and Eastern Africa made the journey to the Middle East to offer assistance to either side, whoever offered the best deal for what they wanted.  Even though a cease fire has been agreed upon, Israel and its enemies are also on high alert and knowing that two U.S. battleships are positioned in the Mediterranean Sea for support if needed.

President Dixon returns from his holiday vacation and back to the political theatre.  Almost immediately after he returns from his getaway, the media bombards him with questions about the increased military readiness in the air and sea.  It was at this point that the media never trusted the press secretaries statements, so now they are going straight to the commander in chief for the tough answers.  It wasn’t even a day after his return when President Dixon was standing in front of reporters answering the same questions that Jennifer Pointe had to answer.  Even though his answers were basically the same as she pointed out, coming from him was a lot easier to digest and accept the explanation.  As soon as he left the press conference he met with his national security adviser and his chief of staff in the oval office.

DANIELLE PRICE:  Mr. President I have an update from NASA and NOAA pertaining to the incoming asteroid.

PRESIDENT DIXON:  What kind of update do you have?

DANIELLE PRICE:  (Hands the president the report she received several minutes earlier)  not only are we getting just one asteroid coming our way, but several have penetrated the solar system and on a collision course.

PRESIDENT DIXON:  Oh my God!  What are they suggesting we do and prepare for this problem?

DANIELLE PRICE:  Well, I spoke to the admiral and he advised that our best option is to fire surface to air missiles to intercept the incoming asteroids.  At best we would destroy the asteroids into smaller pieces where the devastation could be lessened.

PRESIDENT DIXON:  I certainly don’t want to be firing surface to air missiles into another country’s airspace.  Not only would that send the wrong message, but that would also put us to blame for any deaths that may occur inside that country where the asteroid was destroyed.

MICHAEL WEST:  Mr. President, the asteroids won’t be anywhere near Europe or any of our allies in the Middle East and Pacific Rim.

PRESIDENT DIXON:  Then where will they fall?

MICHAEL WEST:  Page four of the report near the bottom.

PRESIDENT DIXON:  (Flips the pages and responds as he sees the approximate danger zone for the incoming asteroids).  Oh my God!  (Closes the report and rolls it in his hands handing it back to Danielle).

DANIELLE PRICE:  Yes, Mr. President.  The entire Western Hemisphere is at risk with anticipation that North America is to be ground zero.  They are still uncertain where the first ones will hit, but it may affect the Midwest and Pacific Coast.

MICHAEL WEST:  Mr. President.  I urge you to think about this and find the courage and strength to inform the public before it’s too late.

PRESIDENT DIXON:  Sure Michael.  I’ll call for a press conference and inform everyone that several asteroids are coming our way, which will most likely affect the Midwest and Pacific Coast.  By the way we are also dealing with a major terror threat at the same time.  That press conference will not only end in disaster, but create chaos and stress across this nation that no state of emergency can contain.

DANIELLE PRICE:  I’m afraid I have to agree with Michael on this one Mr. President.  The situation has gotten to grave for us to keep this in the dark much longer.  You definitely still have some time before the public needs to know, but everyone should be able to get prepared.

PRESIDENT DIXON:  (Sighs heavily as he looks out the window).  I’m not going to release any information to the public until we have a definite location of where the asteroids will land.  I also want the worse case scenario and the best possible educated guess of what will happen and how our response will be.

MICHAEL & DANIELLE:  (Responded at the same time).  Yes Mr. President.  (They started to walk out, but was stopped before they left the office).

PRESIDENT DIXON:  Danielle.  Before you leave how many asteroids are we looking at here.  I don’t see it listed anywhere in the report from NASA and NOAA.

DANIELLE PRICE:  We are looking at initially ten that will penetrate our atmosphere.

PRESIDENT DIXON:  Initially ten?

DANIELLE PRICE:  Yes Mr. President.  The first ten out of (long pause) four hundred over the next ninety-nine years.



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“SHOOTING STAR” (Sci-Fi – Chapter 5)


It was just over a month ago when Danielle Price, the National Security Advisor of the president, was shocked to learn of the news that her long time secret agent, Jeremy Kill, was found murdered in his house in a suburban neighborhood of Central Maryland.  After the brief phone conversation with Special Agent Strawberry, Head Special Agent of the Terrorism Task Force of the F.B.I., she made a vow to him and herself to find out the domestic terrorism connections he had while working under the NSA.  Almost immediately after that phone call, Danielle made a quick call to one of her trusted side kicks still employed by the NSA and would possibly know Kill’s exact connections.

She was able to contact her loyal ally, and former lover, Brian Hartwick, who works for the Domestic Intelligent Division, and ask him to do his best to locate and find all of Jeremy Kill’s domestic terrorism ties.  It took Brian several days to track all of Kill’s contacts, but he was able to find them except for one.  In the late evening of November 5th, Brian made a surprising call to Danielle’s home located in a high scale neighborhood in Northern Virginia, just outside of the Nation’s Capital.

November 5, 2018 – Phone Conversation

DANIELLE PRICE:  Answers the phone call, which comes nearly at midnight.  Hello?  (Answers in a tired, sleepy voice)
BRIAN HARTWICK:  Hey, wake up Danielle.  I have some news for you that you might want to hear.
DANIELLE PRICE:  Who the….Brian?  What the hell?!  You know what it is?!
BRIAN HARTWICK:  I’m sorry to bother you this late at night, but we need to talk real quick about some information you asked me to find on Jeremy Kill.  I couldn’t wait until morning to forward this to you since you will be busy with the president tomorrow in Baltimore.
DANIELLE PRICE:  (Sighs)  This better be some good stuff.  Go ahead.  I’m listening.
BRIAN HARTWICK:  I found all of his list of connections he had with several domestic terrorism groups, but with the exception of one person with one group.
DANIELLE PRICE:  Whose that?
BRIAN HARTWICK:  Do you know a woman by the name of Teresa Gateway?
DANIELLE PRICE:  (Takes a second to think about her answer and her knowledge of this woman)  I don’t recall that name at all.  Who is she?
BRIAN HARTWICK:  Well, Teresa Gateway was a member of the group called Animal Liberation Army.  I’m assuming you know who they are?
DANIELLE PRICE:  Of course, during my time there we received a lot of chatter about the ALA planning and plotting attacks on veterinary centers and universities that they claimed were subjecting innocent animals to torture for research sake.
BRIAN HARTWICK:  Right, but now the ALA has gone underground and we don’t hear much from them lately.  However, Teresa Gateway, apparently was a loose member of the group known as a “Ghost Member”.  Meaning she was an official member of the group, but she was allowed to conduct acts of terror and threats against installations and people.  The catch is that she can only do it with the authorization of the group and its leaders.
DANIELLE PRICE:  Okay.  Where is she now?
BRIAN HARTWICK:  That’s the thing.  According to the notes I found within Jeremy’s file, Teresa has been missing for the past two years.  You remember the bombing of the veterinary center in Southern Maryland last summer?
DANIELLE PRICE:  Of course.  How can I forget that political nightmare?
BRIAN HARTWICK:  It is suspected that Teresa has something to do with that bombing.  After the ALA and its members sabotaged the Richmond Veterinary Institute for Scientific Study Center, Teresa had her eyes on the next target being the Southern Maryland Veterinary Center and its employees.  She apparently brought this up to her high command, but they rejected her idea of going after the institution with lack of evidence.
DANIELLE PRICE:  Oh no!  You saying to me that Teresa might have gone rogue from the group to bomb the vet center, and now she is being hunted down by her own group for an unsanctioned mission?
BRIAN HARTWICK:  In so many words that is what I’m trying to explain to you.  Since her disappearance, and apparently she allowed someone from the media to get a hold of some information, the group has gone underground and maybe hunting for her as we speak.
DANIELLE PRICE:  Oh my God!  Do you think there is any possible connection between her disappearance and Jeremy Kill’s death?  I’m curious.
BRIAN HARTWICK:  (Sighs)  Nothing at this time brings me to that conclusion, but with her being the only one not accounted for, she could be your prime suspect in that case.
DANIELLE PRICE:  Thanks Brian for your help.  I’ll inform Agent Strawberry of Teresa Gateway and the possible lead of her being a suspect.
BRIAN HARTWICK:  I would caution you in what you say since Jeremy still has connections out there and they might not know he is dead.  Any kind of federal investigation might spook them and make it a lot harder to track them down.
DANIELLE PRICE:  Don’t worry about that Brian, I’ll take care of that aspect of the investigation.  What about the alleged threat that we have received involving domestic terrorism?
BRIAN HARTWICK:  Nothing more at this point.  Our indication of how we track and trace people is known to the public now, so we have to find other means that they might be using to communicate and plan.  We’re working as hard as we can on this one.
DANIELLE PRICE:  Okay.  Thanks Brian for all your help.  Keep me posted on whatever you find out.  On both ends.
BRIAN HARTWICK:  Sure!  I miss giving you those late night briefs in the kitchen at dinner.
DANIELLE PRICE:  (Chuckles)  I bet you do!  Somehow those briefings led to the confines of my sleeping quarters.  At that point you start giving me briefings of another kind.
BRIAN HARTWICK:  You know you loved those, right?
DANIELLE PRICE:  Goodnight Brian! (Hangs up the phone in his ear)

The following morning the president’s chief of staff, Michael West, meets with the head of the U.S. Secret Service to quickly talk about the security details for the president’s visit to Dallas, Texas.  Both men meet in a conference room inside the White House.

MICHAEL WEST:  Samuel North, glad you can meet with me real quick to discuss the details of the security plans for the president coming up next month in Dallas.
SAMUEL NORTH:  Yes sir, I have some of my agents down in Dallas right now surveilling the city and the traveling routes.  Just like normal we need to find the weak points and make sure the president and his family are safe and out of harms way.  Especially with this vague threat we have right now.
MICHAEL WEST:  Awesome.  Are you preparing your agents for this vague threat we have or are you just playing it by ear at this point?
SAMUEL NORTH:  Well sir, at this point there is nothing to really prepare for except prepare for what we did during his campaign trail before the election.
MICHAEL WEST:  Good!  There is another thing I need to speak to you about that has been weighing heavily on my mind.  I’ve been busy dealing with the president’s appointments and schedules so I haven’t been able to pull you aside to speak to you about this.
SAMUEL NORTH:  What’s on your mind?
MICHAEL WEST:  (Sighs slowly and removes his glasses)  I need to know do you still have that reporters name you spoke to in Dallas last time?
SAMUEL NORTH:  Rachel Sparks?  I still keep in contact with her since we went to college together way back when.
MICHAEL WEST:  Awesome!  (Just sits there and stares at Samuel in the eyes)
SAMUEL NORTH:  (Slight turns his head still making eye contact)  Why must you know whether I still have her information?  You plan on giving her the exclusive to the president when he makes his trip?
MICHAEL WEST:  What I am about to tell you must not get out until I am ready for it to come out, but now is not the time.  I need you to understand that.
SAMUEL NORTH:  (Turns head back straight and leans closer to Michael)  What are you talking about Michael?  Spreading scandals during the president’s economic tour is not a smart move and you know that.  So there is something that you know that most of us don’t know.  Yet.
MICHAEL WEST:  (Smiles)  You know pretty well, huh?  Well, lets just say that I do have information that most of us don’t know, but especially the American public.  The deadline is ever coming so quickly and we need to let them know before mass panic erupts.
SAMUEL NORTH:  Oh my goodness, Michael!  (Sits back)  You trying to undermine the president, not to mention Danielle who will have your balls in a sling when she finds out what you are doing.
MICHAEL WEST:  (Long pause and sits back into his chair before revealing his secret)  NOAA and NASA are tracking asteroids, meteors, in space at this time and have set a tentative date for a major impact coming this spring.
SAMUEL NORTH:  (Long pause)  How credible is this information?  If that is what you planning on releasing to the media I would advise that you rethink that notion.  Besides why do it during the economic tour and in Dallas?  You want that news to spread like wildfire, you just need to release it here to one person on the street and I guarantee you the whole world will know.
MICHAEL WEST:  I know about it, Danielle knows about it and so does the president of the United States.  He’s the one that decided to keep it from the public at this time.  The president hasn’t stated when he will release this information to the public at all.  I can only assume he will wait until after his tour or the holidays so not to make anyone scared or damn nervous.
SAMUEL NORTH:  The American public will be nervous and scared either way.  Whether you release it now or later, but the true facts of the administration knowing this earlier and not releasing it will be known sooner or later.  Are you trying to destroy the credibility of the administration and our president Mr. West?
MICHAEL WEST:  (Smiles deviously)  If you must know my intentions are not to undermine our president or anyone thereof.
SAMUEL NORTH:  Then what is your purpose I might ask then Michael?
MICHAEL WEST:  The absolute truth.

From that point on, up until today, Michael has several phone conversations with Rachel, but doesn’t admit to the real truth of why he needs to speak to her in person.  Although she is reluctant to do so without knowing the real reason, even though in her mind the chief of staff meeting her is highly curious, she agrees to meet with him off the record.  During Michael’s devious plan to release this information to the public, Danielle is in communication with Agent Strawberry about the information she received from her contact inside the NSA.  The agent leading the investigation, Samantha Hopkins, is soon later told about the new information that comes up, but some of the statements made to Danielle are left out of their conversation.  Now Agent Hopkins must work with what she has and try to track down the unidentified voice, who might be Teresa Gateway.

November 29, 2018 @ 8:00am (Dallas, Texas)

Prior to today, Michael and Rachel agree to meet with each other out in public at a small café in the downtown area.  Rachel arrives first and a few minutes later Michael walks in and spots her at a table for two.  This morning, inside the café, is not busy and so it is not likely for a lot of people to notice them two.  Michael knows he has to be quick so he doesn’t waste a lot of time getting to the point after meeting with Rachel and ordering his coffee.

RACHEL SPARKS:  Morning, Mr. West.  I have to be somewhere else in Dallas in about an hour so I hope this doesn’t take too long.
MICHAEL WEST:  Oh, Rachel what’s the hurry?
RACHEL SPARKS:  I have to cover the president’s return to Dallas since his campaign run and find out the people’s opinion of him.  You know how that goes Michael.  I’m surprised you’re not up to speed on that kind of thing.
MICHAEL WEST:  Oh, I am all about the nation’s public opinion about our president, which could easily turn in a drop of a hat.
RACHEL SPARKS:  What do you mean?
MICHAEL WEST:  Well, lets just say although I am on his side and want him to do well and succeed in his term, I am not always in agreement with his policies and strategies.  However, I politely and quietly disagree and object to some of his views, but that doesn’t stop me from following orders or what he ask me to do.
RACHEL SPARKS:  I’m not stupid Michael.  I’ve done journalism for a very long time.  First in Los Angeles, then in New York, and now here in the lovely city of Dallas, which I might add is my favorite place to work.  Even though the summer months are extremely scorching, the dry heat makes for a perfect story when it is a slow news day.  Nothing much has come from the president since the Iranians invaded Afghanistan several weeks ago.  With this being his economic tour of America, I can only assume you have something for me related to that or something out of this world.
MICHAEL WEST:  You spoke to Samuel, huh?
RACHEL SPARKS:  He called me up about two days after you had a meeting with him discussing the president’s security plans.  I know that information is not privileged to me, but I wouldn’t dare write anything pertaining to that without some kind of backlash.  However, he did tell me that you had some news worthy information that could very well undermine the president and his administration.
MICHAEL WEST:  (Sighs slowly)  My intention is to tell the public the truth about the threat, but I was kindly pushed in the face, sort of speak, to not mention this to the media.  My opinion on that was that the public needs to know sooner rather than later.  So I wanted to run it by you to see if it is something that you would be interested in.
RACHEL SPARKS:  I’m listening.  (The coffee for Michael arrives)
MICHAEL WEST:  There is an asteroid heading on a collision course with earth by this coming spring.
RACHEL SPARKS:  (Laughs and gently taps her hand on the table)  Why would I be interested in that story?  This is something that scientist have been predicting for years, but nothing has been set in stone or no proof of that happening for another hundred years.
MICHAEL WEST:  I’ve seen proof of this and the president was told several weeks ago when NASA and NOAA discovered it.  The tentative date is April 1, 2019 and the size, which I can’t disclose at this time, will be two times the size of the Hiroshima bomb in World War II.
RACHEL SPARKS:  (Stops laughing and smiling)  So you want me to release a story, and keep my sources secret, of an asteroid on a collision course to earth that will have an impact two times the size of the atom bomb dropped in Japan over seventy years ago?  You are insane!  You know that?  You don’t need me for that political nightmare you trying to create.  You could’ve easily told a reporter back in Washington, D.C. the same thing if you wanted that kind of result.
MICHAEL WEST:  The reporters in D.C. are way too quick to release stories such as this one.  Before I would even leave the café and get in my car, the entire country would know and cameras would be in my face as I return to the White House.  I needed to come somewhere, such as Dallas, where the media’s opinion is not nationally known.  I’ve chosen you because, not only are you gorgeous, but you report stories that no one knows or hears about back home.  I need this to stir up slowly and soon by the time it gets to D.C. no one will know where this came from and we can move to the next step.
RACHEL SPARKS:  You are too damn devious for my liking Michael.  You trying to start a stir and create a panic amongst the public for something that might not even be true.  Before I give this information out to anyone, let alone the public, I need to have solid proof of such a story.  You should know the media nowadays need solid proof before printing or reporting a story of this caliber.  I will not be the laughing stock at my station and get stuck with reporting on elementary kids and why their school lunches are being scaled back.
MICHAEL WEST:  I know the significant of this story and how one slip up can ruin careers all around once the facts about it got out.  We have already avoided one scandal this term.  No way am I trying to start another political mud fight in the White House or through Congress.  My goal is to make sure that the public knows the truth sooner, rather than later, so they can prepare for what is to come.
RACHEL SPARKS:  Well, others might not see it that way at all.  The president and others will soon know the source of where this story came from.  I highly doubt anyone from NASA or NOAA will claim stake in that story.  You have an uphill battle Michael, but as of now I won’t be part of this devious plan you have to undermine the administration.  Unless I have solid proof of all this, I will not mention it to anyone.  Now, unless there is something else you need to say, I will be going now.  (Gets up from the table) I’ll be seeing you later Michael.  (She walks out the café and doesn’t look back)

Michael stays behind to finish his coffee and watches her walk by the window staring at her pantyhose legs, in stilettos.  He begins to think to himself of how to break this story to the public without being the source of the information or having it tracked back to him.  This situation has become a lot harder than he anticipated and now he has to worry about two other people knowing his plan to release this story prematurely.  What will be his next step?


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“SHOOTING STAR” (Sci-Fi – Chapter 4)

Chapter 4

October 23, 2018 @ 9:00pm

Washington, D.C. & San Antonio, Texas

The naked body that was discovered in the house, by Special Agent Hopkins of the F.B.I., was finally identified by the coroner’s office.  All the evidence that was collected at the scene was processed and logged appropriately for further investigative purposes.  Once Agent Hopkins was given the information of who the was the unidentified body found in the house, she immediately informed her boss of the new discovery.  Prior to telling Agent Strawberry of the lead she received, she decided to do a background check on the victim and attempted to trace the name to the American Posse group, which is supposedly the main player in an upcoming terrorist attack.

SPECIAL AGENT HOPKINS:  Knocks and walks into Agent Strawberry’s office.  Sir, I believe we have a lead on the body that was discovered in the house in Suitland two weeks ago.

SPECIAL AGENT STRAWBERRY:  Reaches out and grabs the file from Hopkins.  Have you done a check into the background of this Jeremy Kill?

SPECIAL AGENT HOPKINS:  Yes sir I have just started and right now nothing links him to any kind of group.  Let alone this American Posse group who is supposed to be under the spotlight.  However, I did also get a trace back to the blood that was found at the scene and it does belong to Jeremy Kill, except the blood that was found in the master bathroom.

SPECIAL AGENT STRAWBERRY:  Does the blood belong to our anonymous caller who seems to have information about this Jeremy Kill?

SPECIAL AGENT HOPKINS:  The blood belongs to a possible female, but besides that nothing can be confirmed at this point.  I don’t even know if the person who has called me is even female or male.

SPECIAL AGENT STRAWBERRY:  Have you received any more calls from this anonymous person since that day?

SPECIAL AGENT HOPKINS:  I’ve received no calls or anything pertaining to this.  I’m still under the impression that this anonymous caller is the suspect we need to find and find out what happened to Jeremy Kill.

SPECIAL AGENT STRAWBERRY:  Sighs loudly.  Okay, keep trying to track down who this anonymous caller is and find out more about Jeremy Kill and any kind of link he may have to this threat.

SPECIAL AGENT HOPKINS:  Yes sir.  By the way have you updated the president on this yet?

SPECIAL AGENT STRAWBERRY:  The president knows about the body we found in Suitland maybe tied to the national threat, but I had to down play it a little bit to keep any concerns out of play.  President Dixon is in San Antonio right now promoting his taxation reform.  As far as I know he is not due back in Washington until the end of the month, but as we know things can change on the whim.  Right now I don’t want the president worried about anything that we have not confirmed yet or may not even be worth our worry to this situation.  You let me worry about informing the president of our investigation and trying to pinpoint this threat.  For now, I want to know more about this Jeremy Kill and who our anonymous caller is and what that person knows.

SPECIAL AGENT HOPKINS:  Walks out of the office at the same time responding to him.  Yes sir I’m on it.

While the F.B.I. is working hard to figure out more about this terrorist threat that is to come, President Dixon and his staff are at dinner in the hotel dining room.  The U.S. Secret Service and San Antonio Police are providing tight security for the event and only invited guest are welcome to join the president in this excellent feast.  At the head table, along with the president and his immediate staff, is his chief of staff and the national security advisor.  After the president completed his opening statements at the dinner, Danielle Price receives a phone call from Special Agent Strawberry.

DANIELLE PRICE:  Excuses herself from the table and walks outside the dining hall within eye sight of the agents.  Special Agent Strawberry, what do you have for me?

SPECIAL AGENT STRAWBERRY:  Jeremy Kill.  Remember that name?

DANIELLE PRICE:  Her voice lowers a few decibels.  What about him?

SPECIAL AGENT STRAWBERRY:  Gets up from his chair and closes his office door gently and quietly.  He’s dead.  That was the body we found at the house.  Agent Hopkins just told me several minutes ago.

DANIELLE PRICE:  Whispers.  Oh my God.  What happened?  How did she find out who he was?

SPECIAL AGENT STRAWBERRY:  I’m not sure how she was able to discover his identity, but it would appear that someone at NSA didn’t hide his identity good enough.

DANIELLE PRICE:  Hey, I was told that no one would find out who he was, but apparently that wasn’t the case.  Jeremy Kill was our inside link to several domestic terrorist groups, but with him gone makes me believe someone found out his ties.

SPECIAL AGENT STRAWBERRY:  Sighs.  This could really slow down our investigation or rather derail it if we can’t find out who is responsible for his death.  Apparently, some anonymous caller gave Agent Hopkins the clue of what to find Jeremy Kill, before we knew it was him.

DANIELLE PRICE:  Who is the anonymous caller?

SPECIAL AGENT STRAWBERRY:  Don’t know who the anonymous caller is, but apparently they were seen running from the scene when our agents got there.  This mysterious person made claims to Agent Hopkins that Jeremy Kill will give us our lead in this threat investigation, but nothing has turned up yet.

DANIELLE PRICE:  Sighs.  What do you plan on doing now?

SPECIAL AGENT STRAWBERRY:  Long pause of silence and then a sigh released.  Do we know where Kill kept his files and notes on the groups that he was spying for?

DANIELLE PRICE:  I’m not sure.  Once I left the agency a few years ago I lost all trace of the program and it was given to my replacement.  For all I know Jeremy could have kept his files anywhere, but if he knew he was being targeted he might have done all he can to make sure no one finds them.  Not even those who knew every step that he was taking to bring these guys down.

SPECIAL AGENT STRAWBERRY:  How many groups was he working for?

DANIELLE PRICE:  Looks around to make sure no one hears her conversation.  At least a dozen that we know of that he was working for.  All the groups were sharing intelligence information about the weak points in our infrastructure and how to bring down the government.  Jeremy Kill, who was at one time a CIA operative and agent, knew more about these groups than anyone at NSA, even the director.

SPECIAL AGENT STRAWBERRY:  Is there anyway you can forward the names of the groups he was liaison for?  I know you didn’t keep trace of the campaign, but anything you can provide maybe helpful.

DANIELLE PRICE:  Sure.  I’ll see what I can do.

SPECIAL AGENT STRAWBERRY:  Thanks.  In the meantime I’ll look more into how Jeremy Kill came to surface and find out who this anonymous caller is.  I’m afraid this mysterious person may know more than what they are giving.  I’ll keep in touch.  Enjoy dinner.

Almost immediately after Danielle ends her conversation with Agent Strawberry, she starts to walk back to the dining hall when she receives another call from a contact point in NASA.

DANIELLE PRICE:  This is Danielle Price.

NASA REPRESENTATIVE:  Ms. Price, this is Tom at NASA.  I’m one of the members tracking the asteroids.

DANIELLE PRICE:  Okay, Tom.  What is it?  I need to get back to the president.

NASA REPRESENTATIVE:  The previous estimation of the previous incoming asteroid was incorrect.

DANIELLE PRICE:  So what is the new estimation?

NASA REPRESENTATIVE:  The asteroid is approximately five times the size we first reported.  We don’t know how we missed that estimation, but as now for the past two hours this what our computers have come up with.  We are still in the process of confirming the information right now.

DANIELLE PRICE:  Stops in her tracks and places her hand on her forehead.  How soon will you be able to confirm this?

NASA REPRESENTATIVE:  It will be about two to three hours minimum since we have to compile and gather all the data and analyze it piece by piece.

DANIELLE PRICE:  Oh my God!  As soon as you confirm this you let me know ASAP.  You understand me?  Hangs up the phone and returns back to dinner with the president.


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“SHOOTING STAR” (Sci-Fi – Chapter 3)

Chapter 3

October 7, 2018 @ 10:00am

D.C. Metropolitan Area

When the United States government received intelligence reports of a possible massive cyber attack to happen in the near future, it was coming up on the 17th anniversary of the September 11th attacks.  Every federal law enforcement agency from coast to coast and from border to border was on extreme high alert for any suspicious activity that showed up on their cyber wall.  The increase of state and federal law enforcement in high risk areas, such as train stations, malls, and airports, got the attention of the public and began the speculation by the media.  The days leading up to the 17th anniversary of the attacks didn’t get the public on edge since no attack had happened since that fateful day, but people began to wonder was the government up to their old tricks again.  However, when the anniversary date came and went and nothing happened days after the celebrations, the public was at ease once again.

The National Security Agency worked extremely hard to keep the threat of a massive cyber attack under wraps, but knew that someday they will have to alert the public.  While NSA works along with other federal agencies, such as Homeland Security, F.B.I., and U.S. Secret Service, the president of the United States and his immediate staff focus on the main issue of military intervention in the Middle East.  Since the U.N. Security Council approved a military intervention to repel the Iranian invasion, the United States, Great Britain, and Brazil had began to land their forces in the eastern region of Afghanistan.  Although majority of the public in America didn’t oppose the use of military intervention anymore and just went with the president to see how it works, the ones that were against the decision showed strong opposition.  Many congressmen of both parties in the house and senate were either with or against the president while others were undecided.  Even though the president had some opposition within the government, he had just enough support and votes to send the military back to Afghanistan.

Behind the scenes of this important international intervention to keep this conflict from spreading, the president of the United States also kept receiving updates on the threat of a cyber attack.  Nearly a month ago the NSA told someone on the White House staff that they believe it will be a cyber attack on a massive scale, but hasn’t been able to confirm it just yet.  While other chatter is being recorded and monitored by the NSA, the F.B.I. Terrorism Task Force is also advised of this threat.  Even though the threat is not specific enough for immediate action, the best the F.B.I. can do at this point is to investigate what they know.  However, they didn’t know that a potential suspect in that cyber threat would be right under their noses and on the table at the morgue.  Only a few days after the police officer was shot on a traffic stop just outside of the NSA compound, the identification of the deceased suspect was discovered.

The name that the Maryland State Police and the F.B.I. released to the public, along with a photo ID, was Gerald Dwayne Henderson, and listed a caption with the photo release.  On news broadcasts throughout the area, and in some media outlets in the northeast, the caption was asking the public for help to give more information on the shooting suspect who died in a shootout with police.  It would take until today for the F.B.I. Terrorism Task Force to gain momentum in this investigation and to bring along the task force of the Maryland State Police and Homeland Security.

…Federal Bureau of Investigations – Washington, D.C. Office…

SAMANTHA HOPKINS (SPECIAL AGENT):  Phone rings at her desk.  Good morning, Special Agent Hopkins, F.B.I., how can I help you?

UNIDENTIFIED VOICE:  Answers and speaks on the phone with a disguise voice.  Good morning Agent Hopkins.  I may have information on your suspect.

SAMANTHA HOPKINS (SPECIAL AGENT):  The voice intrigued her attention immediately.  What suspect?

UNIDENTIFIED VOICE:  Gerald Dwayne Henderson.  I know who he works for, where he lives, and what they’re planning.

SAMANTHA HOPKINS (SPECIAL AGENT):  Tries to look at her caller ID for a phone number, but it is listed as “Private”.  Who is this and how do you know Henderson?

UNIDENTIFIED VOICE:  I rather remain anonymous and just give you what I know.  If you find them quick enough you might be able to stop them from attacking.

SAMANTHA HOPKINS (SPECIAL AGENT):  Does this have something to do with a threat against the United States?

UNIDENTIFIED VOICE:  An attack on a massive scale is being planned and you and your fellow agents must stop them as soon as possible.  Your suspect, Henderson, is part of a movement called “American Posse”, which some of the agents are familiar with.  However, the group is too small to composite an attack of this magnitude by itself, but with help from other domestic and international groups, the sky is the limit.

SAMANTHA HOPKINS (SPECIAL AGENT):  How do you know this and what kind of attack are we taking about?

UNIDENTIFIED VOICE:  Silent pause then the person answered.  The infrastructure will be targeted, but how and when is not known at this time.  You might want to check out an address of 5567 Ocean Spray Lane, Suitland, Maryland.  You will find out more of what you need and enough to start your investigation.  Good luck!!  Phone hangs up.

Immediately after the phone hangs up, Samantha writes down more notes and rushes over to her boss’s desk, who is on the phone.  She barges in, flinging the door open and hands him the piece of paper she was just writing on.

DAVID STRAWBERRY (SPECIAL AGENT IN CHARGE):  Slowly takes the piece of paper from Samantha and looks at it with great surprise.  I’m sorry Mariel, but I need to call you back.  Something came up.  Hangs up the phone on his wife and engages Samantha.  5567 Ocean Spray Lane, Suitland, Maryland?  What is this?

SAMANTHA HOPKINS (SPECIAL AGENT):  Apparently, this address is linked to our deceased suspect, Gerald Henderson, and I think that this is something we should look into.

DAVID STRAWBERRY (SA IN CHARGE):  How did you get this information?  What source is this from?

SAMANTHA HOPKINS (SPECIAL AGENT):  I just got off the phone with anonymous caller who claimed to know the deceased suspect.  This person also gave me this address, the name of the group that he was working for, and that some type of massive attack is being planned.

DAVID STRAWBERRY (SA IN CHARGE):  What kind of attack were they referring too?  Who did this Henderson work for?

SAMANTHA HOPKINS (SPECIAL AGENT):  Henderson was a member of the American Posse, which apparently some agents here are familiar with.

DAVID STRAWBERRY (SA IN CHARGE):  Leans back in his leather high chair.  I am familiar with that group.  However, they disappeared off the map several years ago and we believe they were absorbed into another group that we have yet to identify.  What information did this anonymous person give you regarding the link between the American Posse and this massive attack?

SAMANTHA HOPKINS (SPECIAL AGENT):  The American Posse is apparently too small to carry out there plan, but is receiving help from other domestic and international linked groups to obtain their mission.  The infrastructure is the target, but we don’t know when and where this attack is supposed to happen.

DAVID STRAWBERRY (SA IN CHARGE):  Leans forward with his hands interlocked at the fingers.  Okay, this seems like something that could be credible.  Before you head out to this address brief two other members of your team, contact the county police, and meet them at the address.

SAMANTHA HOPKINS (SPECIAL AGENT):  Yes sir.  Showing a slight grin on her face as she loves this kind of assignment.  If we come across anything of importance I will let you know right away.

Samantha goes to brief two members of her team, Gerry White and Alex Blue of what is going on, and contacts the county police to meet her at the address.  When the F.B.I. agents pulled up at the house, they see two uniform county officers waiting for them in marked cruisers.  She meets them on the sidewalk in front of the house and gives them a brief summary of what she wants to do.  After speaking with the county officers, Samantha and Gerry both walk up on the porch and knock on the door.  While they are waiting for someone to come to answer the front door, the other county officer and Alex are watching both sides of the house.  She knocks on the door a few more times and still no answer.

At this time Samantha and Gerry try to see through the front windows, when the county officer watching the side of the house hears glass breaking and footsteps running along the deck.  He alerts to Samantha of what he hears and then sees someone running across the backyard and hopped the wooden fence.  They attempt to pursue the suspicious person, but lose sight of the fleeing mystery person immediately.  One county officer gets on his radio and informs dispatch of the location they are at and the description of the suspicious person fleeing the residence.  As both county officers start to search the area, while waiting for back up, Samantha and Gerry spot the rear the glass in the rear sliding door busted out.

She cautiously approaches the sliding door with her service weapon unholstered and Gerry immediately behind her.  They both try to avoid stepping on the glass to alert anyone else who might be in the house that they are coming.  Once inside the house they start searching kitchen, which was the first room they entered after going into the house.  During the search of the first floor, Samantha spots blood droplets on the hardwood floor in the family room.  She starts to follow the blood droplets, which lead down a hallway to a first floor bedroom.  Samantha and Gerry went down the hallway, while Alex and one of the county officers go upstairs to the second floor to continue the search.  When Samantha got to the bedroom door, she noticed it was cracked open and silently advised her partner.  She gave the count to three and kicked open the door with her weapon pointed directly in front her.

After kicking in the door, she saw a naked body lying across the bed in a pool of blood face down.  Gerry immediately rushed to the bathroom and cleared it for anyone else in there.  Once the bedroom and the rest of the house was cleared, they immediately exited the house, contacted an ambulance, and Samantha phoned her boss, David, of what she had found.  During her phone conversation with David he wanted her to find out who the naked person was lying across the bed and who the suspicious person was fleeing the residence.  Samantha immediately thought that it might have been her anonymous caller that was there before her, which David shared the same thought and idea.  Almost immediately after getting off the phone with David, she receives a phone call from a private number.  Samantha answers the phone thinking it might be her anonymous caller.

UNIDENTIFIED VOICE:  Agent Hopkins.  I imagine you are not that surprised to find what you just found.

SAMANTHA HOPKINS (SPECIAL AGENT):  You need to return to the scene immediately or I will charge you with murder once I find you.

UNIDENTIFIED VOICE:  Oh, now that wouldn’t be nice after I gave you all the information you needed to start your investigation.  I arrived at the house prior to the two county officers showing up.

SAMANTHA HOPKINS:  Who are you and why are we playing games?  Being charged with first degree murder is no game I promise you.  I don’t have anything else, but to charge you since you was in the house and a dead body was found.

UNIDENTIFIED VOICE:  Trust me; finding me is the least of your problems Agent Hopkins.  I would advise that you pay close attention to the clues you find in the house and what the body represents.  Once everything starts coming to light, finding me will be of least importance.  Speak to you soon Agent Hopkins.  Phone hangs up.


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“SHOOTING STAR” (Sci-Fi – Chapter 2)

September 9, 2018

Fort Meade, Maryland @ 7:00am

The conflict between Iran and the weaker neighbor, Afghanistan spreads to other Arabic countries, which includes Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Iraq.  Although the majority of the conflict lies between the two original countries of Iran and Afghanistan, Israel is holding itself back from launching a full scale invasion of Iran through their northern border.  Once again Saudi Arabia once again opens its doors to the United States military forces of the Air Force and Marines to launch military strikes against Iran and any of its allies.  Despite the raising public opinion inside America to be against the military intervention in the Middle East, President Dixon continues to plead his case to the American people of why the U.S. military can’t hold out too much longer.  The opposite of the American public lies within the government itself as the Democratic and Republican Parties, with majority of the votes, to back the president on the use of military intervention against Iran inside Afghanistan.  However, majority of the U.S. government voted against using military strikes against Iran inside their Iranian borders.

The current intelligence report, supported by the National Security Agency and the Central Intelligence Agency, explains to the president and his military advisors that the Iranian military is now bogged down about twenty miles from the capital city of Kabul.  The majority of the Afghan military forces deployed from other parts of the country as was able to stall the invasion of the Iranian forces.  Also within that intelligence report the main concern was some of the military personnel of the Afghanistan National Police defecting and going over to the side of the enemy.  Although the United Nations promoted and backed the resolution to involve military intervention, headed by the United States, their wavering ally to the north of Afghanistan, Russia, strongly opposes the invasion of Afghanistan and U.S. military intervention in the conflict.  When the Russian president and prime minister were offered to come up with other suggestions other than military intervention from the international community, the Russian government couldn’t provide any other resolutions to sway the United Nations Security Council.

During the presidential national tour to give appearances and speak about military intervention in Afghanistan, several protestors opposing the decision to involve military forces once again in the sand grow support throughout the United States.  In cities like Chicago, Seattle, and Cincinnati protestors got violent that resulted in several arrests, police officers and several protestors being seriously injured, and the National Guard being called out for support of the law enforcement action.  Kansas City, Missouri, San Francisco, and Los Angeles mayors made public appearances to denounce the president’s decision to send American forces back to Afghanistan and called for other peaceful solutions.  All of NATO and majority of the U.N. members backed the resolution of military intervention against Iran within the borders of Afghanistan.  Although President Dixon was explaining to people that the military would only be used to drive back the Iranian forces back across the border, the fear and the thought of using United States military personnel scared the American public.  Some military veterans of the first Afghanistan War opposed sending American forces back into the country for the likely hood of America being stuck there for another ten to fifteen years.

As the world and the international community deal with this rising concern of the conflict spreading like wildfire to other countries, behind the scenes at NSA another terrorist threat is being decoded.  While the president was visiting the new auto industry manufactory plant in Dallas, Texas, his National Security Advisor, Danielle Price, receives a phone call on her cell regarding the possible terror threat.

DANIELLE PRICE:  (Answering the phone) Price.

NSA REPRESENTATIVE:  Ms. Price, I need to alert to you of a possible terror threat.

DANIELLE PRICE:  Okay, go ahead with the information.

NSA REPRESENTATIVE:  We’ve decoded several pieces of information we gathered over the course of the last few months regarding of a possible attack on our infrastructure.

DANIELLE PRICE:  What kind of infrastructure are we talking about?

NSA REPRESENTATIVE:  We are not sure at this point, but the information we have and the consistency of the conversation seems to be about a cyber attack on a massive scale.  The bad news on the same scale is that we don’t have the date or location of such attack.

DANIELLE PRICE:  How much longer do you need to figure this out of when the attack is going to happen?

NSA REPRESENTATIVE:  At this point we don’t know how much longer except keep trying to decode more messages and see if we can come up with a more specific threat and time frame.

DANIELLE PRICE:  Okay, please keep me posted on what you find out and who.  I will alert the president of what is going on and what you’ve told me.  Thank you!

While the conversation between Price and the NSA representative goes on, a police officer just outside the grounds of Ft. Meade observes a vehicle speeding.  As the vehicle continues traveling down the highway passing the base, the police officer uses his laser speed detector to gage the vehicle’s speed.  Once the vehicle speed was registered at 75 mph in the 55 mph zone, he immediately turned on his lights and siren and pursued after the vehicle.  It took the police officer about two miles to catch up to the vehicle before the driver decided to pull over on the left shoulder.  As the police vehicle was pulling in behind the driver, the violator reached slowly over to the passenger seat and put his semi-automatic pistol next to his right leg.  The driver kept looking at the police officer through his driver side mirror from the time the police officer exited his patrol vehicle and approached his car.

When the police officer walked up to the driver side window he started to interact with the violator.

POLICE OFFICER:  Good morning sir, I need to inform you that you are being audio and video recorded during this traffic stop.

VIOLATOR:  Okay officer.  Why am I being pulled over?

POLICE OFFICER:  I will explain that to you once you hand over your driver’s license and vehicle registration, please.

VIOLATOR:  Yes sir.  I need to reach inside my left pocket for my wallet with my license and reach in my glove box for my registration.


The driver pulls out his wallet and hands over his state license to the cop.  After doing so, he reached inside the glove box and handed over the registration as well.  The cop looks at the registration and the driver’s license to compare the information.

POLICE OFFICER:  Who owns the vehicle?

VIOLATOR:  My brother owns the vehicle.  He allows me to borrow it sometimes, especially right now with my car being in the shop for major repairs.

POLICE OFFICER:  I see.  Is there anything on your license that I need to be aware of before I find out?  Any warrants, points, suspensions or anything like that?

VIOLATOR:  No sir, not that I am aware of.

POLICE OFFICER:  Okay sir, just stay in your vehicle and I will back with all of your documents in a few.

The cop walks back to his patrol vehicle to do a check of the information that he was given.  The driver of the car pulled over sits and starts to become nervous as if he wonders the cop will ask him to exit his car for any reason.  The cool weather outside is of assistance to the driver as it is not warm enough to cause him to sweat and to be visibly noticed to the cop of him being nervous.  A few minutes passed when the cop exited his patrol vehicle and walked back up to the driver’s car.

VIOLATOR:  Excuse me officer, you never told me why you pulled me over.

POLICE OFFICER:  I pulled you over because I clocked you at 75 mph in a 55 mph zone.  Are you in a hurry to go somewhere or have an emergency that I need to know about?

VIOLATOR:  (Hesitates before answering the officer) I was just trying to hurry up and go to my sister’s house.  She called me on my phone and was crying about her life being in danger from her boyfriend.

POLICE OFFICER:  What kind of danger is she in?  Did she call the police to warn them about her boyfriend being a danger to her?

VIOLATOR:  Well, I don’t know if she did or not.  All I know is that she wanted me to hurry up and get to her as fast as I can.

POLICE OFFICER:  I see.  Well, doing 75 mph in a 55 mph zone is not going to help your case in court.

VIOLATOR:  In court?  What do you mean?  Are you giving me a ticket?

POLICE OFFICER:  The citation I am giving you carries a fine of $120 and two points on your license.

VIOLATOR:  Officer, please I beg you to just give me a warning and I will not speed like that again.  I promise!  Just don’t give me a ticket.  I can’t afford that right now.

POLICE OFFICER:  Unfortunately, for you it can’t be taken back since it is electronic.  Your information has already been forwarded to the courts and your options of what you can do with the ticket are on there.

VIOLATOR:  Officer, I am very upset right now and I can’t afford this shit!!  Come on!!

As the police officer and the driver argue back and forth, the driver finally calms down and apologizes for his actions.  After the cop gave the driver his ticket and turned his back to go back to his patrol vehicle, he hears the driver exiting the car.  The cop turns around and sees a pistol aiming in his direction, which makes him quickly turn around and run for cover.  The driver opens fire on the cop striking him twice in the back hitting his vest.  After getting shot in the back, the cop stumbles towards the back of his patrol vehicle and trying to radio in emergency back up.  The driver continued to fire as he quickly approached the hiding cop behind his police vehicle.  As the rounds being fired strike the trunk and flattening the rear tire, the cop finally draws his service pistol and pops up from behind the his patrol vehicle returning fire at the driver.

The officer took two more rounds in the vest, before striking the driver three times in the upper torso.  Once the driver was hit, he immediately went down on the ground dropping his weapon, which lay next to him.  Unknown to the cop that one of his three shots that hit the driver, struck his heart killing him instantly.  Once the officer was able to determine that the threat was over, he collapsed to the ground with shallow breathing.  He turned his head and saw his back up racing to his location with their lights on, but couldn’t hear their sirens.  Other witnesses and bystanders stopped by to assist the officer in his injuries and called for the paramedics.  Officers from other jurisdictions, who heard the call go out, raced to the scene and checked on the driver.  It was pre-determined that the driver was dead on scene and that the investigation of what happened can now begin.


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VETERAN’S MEMORY (Part I – Real Life Stories)

Part I

Like any military veteran during their military career has events they remember more than others and some events they try to forget, but no matter how hard they try you can’t get rid of that memory.  Today it hit me that ten years ago, around this time of the summer, I was stationed in Uzbekistan, which for some of you that don’t know was an old Soviet state before the fall of the regime in the early 1990’s.  Before I was stationed in Uzbekistan, I was yanked out of the police academy one week prior to graduation, which of course was devastating.  The thing that made it worse for me at that time was that police graduation was supposed to be on my mother’s birthday, July 11, 2003.  She knew my career goal of becoming a police officer was something I strived for, but we were not expecting this to happen so suddenly.  When 9/11 happened, my unit was called to the Pentagon the day after it was attacked and we saw all of the destruction and chaos that most people around the world and country didn’t see.  The confusion of who would take over the crime scene and the investigation was a huge mess, but two weeks later or so it was finally handed over to the F.B.I.  Even at that point we had two fellow MP’s in the Baltimore County Police Academy and they were yanked out of the academy seven weeks early for that call up.

I remember getting the call from my team leader one evening after my class had just finished a class at the EVOC (Emergency Vehicle Operations Course) course for the day.  I got to my car and saw that I had a voice message and once I listened to the voice message of my team leader telling me to call him right away or come to the armory as soon as possible, I knew right then and there that we might have gotten orders to be shipped out.  Well, instead of trying to figure out what the issue was I went to the armory immediately after we all left the EVOC site for the day.  Once I got to the armory and saw one of my fellow soldiers cleaning and mopping the entrance hallway, the first thing he said was something to the affect of “Sup son!  We got orders to overseas, but don’t know where yet.”  After he told me that I was confused because you wonder how a military unit can be sent orders, but have no idea of where they are going.  Sure enough I walked over to a small desk, which you would see in an elementary school, and saw a pile of papers and read it.  It was our orders, which was not in the official format that I was used to seeing when we had gotten our previous orders for Germany, Panama, and Ft. Stewart, Georgia.  I had to confirm the orders with another member of the unit and he basically told me that the piece of paper I had in my hand was absolutely correct.

Of course, when I saw the date of report and time I made my case that I was still in the police academy and that I am due to graduate on that day.  The first sergeant at that time basically explained to me that you will just have to deal with not finishing and report here at the armory at the allotted time.  Oh, you can imagine that I was not happy about this order at all, but not for the fact of being shipped out, but for the sake of not allowing me to finish the final week of the police academy.  The following day I went to the training unit of my agency and told them what was happening and that I am being shipped overseas for a military mission.  They were shocked at first to hear that, but more shocked to know that I only had, literally less than a week to get things in order.  I went back and forth with the military and my police agency to work something out for me to stay until the 11th of July when I graduate and meet up with them immediately after.  The deal fell through and I was ordered to finally leave the police academy and join my military unit on that day at about 0700hrs.

The only thing I remember on that morning of our departure was that many families were obviously upset and tears being shed between husbands and wives.  That morning as we were on the coach bus for our two hour drive to Ft. Dix, New Jersey, some of us see a vehicle traveling beside our bus on the highway.  As we kept looking at the vehicle we noticed it was a wife of one of the soldiers on the bus driving next to us still crying her eyes out and mouthing “I love you” to him until she took an exit.  He kept motioning to her to leave and go home, but that wasn’t easy for him and that made him nearly break down, but he was able to hold it together.  If my memory serves me right I think I told my father and mother after they dropped me off to just leave afterwards.  It was already hard enough to leave them on a sudden notice and having them hang around longer just to prolong the inevitable was not right in my eyes.

Once we got to Ft. Dix, New Jersey, which I remembered well from one of our annual training sessions there, we had to unload our bus and go to our assigned rooms.  I don’t remember if we had any days to adjust or not, but I remember we almost immediately dove into our training.  The training we were to receive while stationed at that base was Combat Validation Training, where a unit is put to the test through simulated combat scenarios for 30 days prior to being shipped out to a combat zone.  Since our MP unit was not necessarily a combat unit, we had to learn and pick up the trade real quick on how to become a combat MP unit so we could finish our tour on time.

I have to tell you those 30 days was probably one of the worse 30 days in my life.  The training, for the most part was cruel and hideous!  Certain parts was exciting and fun, but it was almost like being in basic training again, except without drill sergeants yelling in your face constantly.  The bad thing about that training was that it didn’t count towards your combat tour.  So for that whole month you are crawling through the sand, bushes, trees, and sweating your ass off accounts for nothing towards your tour.  The only thing it does is to get you ready for your combat mission upcoming in the sandbox.  During my stay at the base I had to go through a hearing test, which afterwards I was labeled on the border of H2/H3.  It was at this time I was told of my hearing lost in my right ear and low tone deafness.  Out of that my nickname became “DEAF CHILD”, which in some occasions it still sticks today.  If I was labeled as an H3 completely, that would have made me undeployable and stuck at Ft. Dix for the entire time of our tour, which was at that time six months.  For nearly a week I pleaded my case to not send me as I gave the explanation of not wanting my career to end before it starts if my hearing goes completely.

I was actually told that one good loud boom from a bomb, if I am close enough, will completely damage my right ear drum and make me completely deaf in that ear.  I had several opinions, from other hearing technicians, and some said I was an H2 and others said H3.  Finally the company commander and the first sergeant made a decision to ship me with the rest of the unit regardless of what the hearing doctor stated.  So it was definitely at that time that my presence overseas was going to be there, but we still didn’t know exactly where.  Days later we found out, just before we were to be shipped out, that we were heading to Kabul, Afghanistan for our six month tour.  Any veteran of that unit, including myself, knew that our tour over there was going to be more than six months.  During our mobilization at our home station, in Baltimore, Maryland, a lot of our ending dates in the National Guard were extended.  For example, I was supposed to get out of the active duty portion of the National Guard in March 2004.  I was specifically told that my tour of duty will take me way beyond that.

That statement right there was enough to inform me that we were going to be extended beyond six months.  Our six month tour was to end somewhere in November or December 2003, but some of us knew that wasn’t happening.  Once we received our overseas orders that we were officially being sent to Afghanistan, we all were told that we were going to be shipped to Uzbekistan first.  Our shipping order was amongst three to four military cargo planes, with each platoon getting their own cargo plane and one for our gear.  I have to tell you that the flight from New Jersey all the way to Uzbekistan was the longest uncomfortable flight I have ever had.  We eventually refueled in the air on the way there, but it was also cold in that plane.  The heat was on, but it is not enough to warm the entire cargo portion of the plane.  First when we got on the plane we had to sit in these cargo netted seats and they are not comfortable at all!  Several minutes after we got in the air we were finally able to undue our seatbelts, that actually reached from the ceiling of the plane, and can walk around and sleep if we wanted too.

We couldn’t sleep on top of the hummvee’s we had with us and inside of them.  Prior to us getting the okay to come out of our seats, I had searched around for sleeping spots and spotted at least three of them.  Unfortunately, all three spots were taken and of course I was assed out of what to do and where to go sleep at.  The only spot that I could find to sleep was the damn CARGO DOOR!!  That’s right the CARGO DOOR was my sleeping spot, which made me even colder and unable to get good rest.  I knew if that cargo door flew open for any reason that was going to be the final session of my life.  I died trying to sleep on the cold, uncomfortable cargo door and ended up in some mountain region frozen!

I may have lain over that cargo door for only a few hours, but I kept sliding because of the slant in the design.  It was kind of cool to be able to refuel mid air, but after that I couldn’t sleep anymore.  Maybe 15 hours later after we left New Jersey, we landed in Uzbekistan where we were supposed to only be there for a week.  Unfortunately, we ended up there for at least a month before being shipped down range to Kabul, Afghanistan for our main mission.  While in Uzbekistan we faced temperatures as hot as 130 degrees, but with no humidity made it bearable, but we were not allowed to do any exercise outside or risk getting into trouble.  It was constantly a black flag day on base during the day, but at night it felt like it was under the freezing mark because of the massive temperature drop.

It would only be between 65-70 degrees, but you felt like you was freezing and started wearing sweats, knitted caps, and gloves.  After a while you got used to it, but that was not a fun time for many of us but we made it the best way we knew how.  While there I met an Uzbekistani, a beautiful woman, in the mess hall or cafeteria, who was one of the cleaning staff.  I would have to say that if I had a picture of her, she would put majority of the American women to shame!  I tried to get with her at some point, but with our schedule in trying to do things and her not always working we never got that opportunity to actually sit down and talk.  She knew enough English to get by and to hold somewhat of a decent conversation, but you can tell it wasn’t her primary language.

During my Uzbekistan tour, which did count towards our six month tour, is where I received the biggest and nastiest injury I could ever remember.  We were all playing basketball and as the ball got loose on the other side of the court, I went running for it and as reached out for it got pushed in the back hard.  I went flying towards the ground and landed on my left knee first, which I thought was broken.  I couldn’t bend it straight for a while as blood was just dripping from my knee and on the court.  I ended up limping to either my tent or somewhere where I got some ice to stop the bleeding.  Needless to say that was my last time playing basketball for a long while as I felt like I was pushed on purpose, but of course no one admitted to it.  I have my suspicions of who it was, but I couldn’t say for sure, but from that night on I kept him in my sights for later revenge if I ever did find out.  Till this day I still have the scar where my knee hit the pebble, blacktop court although now most of the scar has been grown over.

The shower and bathroom stalls were not attached to the tent at all.  Depending on where you were stationed on the base, you had to walk over rocks and gravel in shower shoes to get to the shower facility.  Many of the days I hurt my feet walking over certain portions of the gravely road just to take a shower and to return to our tent.  During the day it was approximately 70 degrees in our tent, but with dirty, concrete floors.  Once you opened the flap to the outside you would immediately bust out into a sweat since you went from a 50-60 degree temp jump within in a matter of seconds.  However, with all the amenities limited to the main basics, you was able to go to the base store or PX as some of us knew it, and buy movies, candy, drinks, and other things that 7-11 sells.  However, you were definitely not allowed to leave base for any reason as we had terrorist cells and protests just outside the gate.  On one side of the base was a white tall concrete wall that separated us from the regular citizens, who often played soccer on a daily basis with the threat of running over landmines that were placed there during the German invasion of the Soviet’s in WWII.

Majority of the staff workers and cleaners were Uzbekistani and they seemed like real nice people and just fortunate to have a job.  As you lived on base you got to know certain ones who could hook you up with certain things and some were just all around good people and it seemed like you could do no wrong.  I often think about my tour there and wish I had more pictures of my time there, but I do have some.  Once I find them I will share them with you on here.  However, later on during our month stay in this old war torn country, we found out that our unit was going to be split up into three locations.

Our second platoon was going to be stationed on the base in Uzbekistan and do force protection missions, my platoon, first platoon, and third platoon was being shipped to Kabul, Afghanistan, and one squad from second platoon was going to guard a secret plane somewhere in Pakistan.  This sucked for a lot of us because we had grown closer together across the ranks and so many friendships were altered because of this move, but many others were made.  As our deployment to Kabul, Afghanistan was underway our mission was just getting off the ground and new challenges would soon come.  Just none of us thought that the challenges would come so soon before we landed in country.


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