HELLO!  I first want to say thank you for stopping by my blog today!  I hope while you are here browsing around that you find interesting stories and topics that make you keep coming  back for more.  With all kinds of different blogs and topics out there on the internet nowadays, you have to search sometimes hard and long for what you are looking for.  Although this blog site is mostly made of up fictional stories for your reading pleasure, I also write articles on realistic things that happen in my life and what I see.  Some things I see and write about are a mixture of seriousness and comical situations, but all in all I hope to keep you coming back for more and build a constant fan base.

To give you a little bit about myself, I would like to start that I am currently a law enforcement officer in Maryland with a strong passion to write fictional stories.  I was born in Washington, D.C. and lived in this area basically all my life, but have traveled to other places and lived in other areas for a short while.  I’ve been in this field for over a decade now and although this is my main career field, I always want to have a back up career just in case the worse happens to where I can’t be a police officer anymore.  My passion to write stories that were intriguing and very unique started when I was probably in my early years in high school.  I wrote a one page story about a man stranded in the Sahara Desert who was later rescued in dramatic fashion.  A few days later I received a A+ on the assignment and from that point on that gave me the passion and idea of writing stories to entertain others and bring a satisfaction and joyfulness to myself.

It took me years to get to where I am today, but obviously it wasn’t with alot of struggle and criticism.  I have learned in pursuing this writing career, which is my second career at this time, will bring plenty of positive feedback, but also critiques and pointers from others who either know what they are talking about or just to keep you from succeeding.  Trust me, I am not living in a fantasy world where I know each story I write will be liked by every person that reads them.  The only thing I ask is that you inform me of your dislike of a story in a respectful and dignified manner to where it can be received in a positive light.  I don’t believe bashing down someone who is trying to make it on the “big stage” and expect them to take it lightly and not whole-heartedly.

When my very first publicized story “Trenton Terror” made it in the Washington Post in 2011 or 2012, I was absolutely thrilled and excited.  That gave me the power and strength to continue with my writing career and also solidified my skills to the point where I am now ready for the next stage.  I have so many ideas and stories written down that I have to take time in organizing them to make them sound like some sense once I write it.  My military service in the U.S. Army as a military policeman has definitely offered me some ideas on writing my personal accounts from the time I was yanked out of the police academy to serve in time of war in Afghanistan, and then returned ten months later.  That in itself was a huge struggle because of the constant looking over your shoulder way of living to the not so much stressful way of living here even though wearing the uniform and badge is a target in itself.

I do plan on writing a story or novel about my accounts of how I was able to leave my homeland, split away from the police academy in the final week before graduation, to serve in the sandbox in Afghanistan, and then returned back home a different human  being.  Even though I returned back home back in 2004, it takes time to be okay with what you saw and experienced before you can write it down.  I might not remember everything that happened in chronological order, but hopefully I can recall alot of the important events.  Even though we did get attacked on a regular basis, which none of the rockets landed inside our compound, the environment was the worse enemy of all.  Till this day I am still somewhat paying for being exposed to that nasty, fecal matter air and water elements years later.  I always tell people to be happy and thankful for what you have because living in poor of a country for nearly a year was not fun, but at the same time welcomed the experience.

After serving my eight years in the military, I went full steam ahead into my police career, which offered its own stressful situations and comical moments.  I would definitely say that being in the military and serving overseas in a war-torn country definitely helped me grow more mature and see things in a different light.  I can be labeled as the nicest cop or a mediocre cop, depending on who you ask, but either way I get the job done and don’t believe that every person I come across should be locked up just for the hell of it.  I have gotten more responses and thank you from people that I treat with respect and understanding, then just to be that cop who yells and blows you off all the time.  Don’t get me wrong, it is times that requires me to do that, but I rather not be that ass unless you force me in that situation.  Most of the time how you act will determine which way I will go with that scene and what happens to you.

With all that has happened in my life I believe I have enough to write about, but with fictional ideas and thoughts going through my head in rapid fashion the non-fictional stories will be here and there.  It took me years to lock down a particular topic of fictional stories to write, but it would appear that I have gravitated towards the horror, science fiction type stories.  I will take a real life situation and turn it into a fictional account and not afraid to do research on certain subjects to add more realism to the story as well.  I believe a good balance of fictional and realism meshing well in a story will offer good responses and practically build your fan base for more and more to come back and read other stories that you have posted or published.  I know that I am not that far from being published by a major or small publishing company after having my story posted in the Washington Post.  After my first story is finished and turned in, I hope to  be published within the following year and once that happens I know I am on my way to the next level!  So exciting!!

However, I must take it one story, one sentence, and one idea at a time and keep building and building on that until I get to my first goal of being published.  Then my next goal would be to be the number one seller on the New York Times list.  I estimate by the time this happens I will be halfway or closer to retirement in my law enforcement career, but if it happens way before that I won’t complain one bit.  So hopefully I can have you as a supporter and an advent reader of my fictional, and sometimes non-fictional stories, and spread the word on a new and upcoming author on the stage.  Once again I would like to thank you for stopping by and feel free to browse around and find new reading material for your daily or weekly routine.


D. Franklin, Jr.

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